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Wednesday, 13 Dec 2017

How to choose the perfect Christmas present

By Dr Becky Spelman

GiftsIt’s that time of the year where high streets are filled with shoppers wandering up and down looking for the perfect Christmas present for their loved ones. If you’re one of those people that’s filled with dread at the thought of having to choose a gift this season or you’re worried about how to choose the perfect Christmas present, we’ve got the tips that you’ve been looking for.

If you’re not sure what to get this Christmas it can be a stress inducing experience. There’s lots of pressure to pick out something that the recipient will love and treasure. So, when you’re shopping this festive season keep these points in mind.

Listen out for tips – When you listen, you’ll be surprised by how often people drop hints about what it is they want. Keeping your ears peeled in the run up to the Christmas period can make it much simpler to find exactly what you should by buying for each person. With a few tips in your mind, you’ll be able to pull out some ideas instead of exploring the streets aimlessly.

Ask what they want – It might not be some peoples’ style but asking directly provides the perfect solution. If there’s something that they really want, it gives them an opportunity to let you know. Even if they don’t have something specific in mind, they can give you a bit of guidance and name a few preferences that they may have.

Choose an experience – Sometimes it’s just impossible to find the perfect Christmas present that you can wrap up. In these cases, it can be worthwhile to opt for an experience instead. If you’re buying someone a gift, you’re likely to have some idea of the things they love to do in their spare time or whether there’s something they’ve always dreamed about trying.

Avoid trends – When you’re looking for a gift, it can be easy to get sucked into this year’s trends. But picking up a gift that’s under thousands of Christmas trees can seen a bit impersonal. Rather than following the trends, try thinking outside of the box and browsing in boutiques or independent stores for something a bit different.

Watch your budget – Not spending too much is vital, although it might seem like an unusual tip in terms of picking out the perfect gift. People can feel very uncomfortable if you’ve splashed a lot of cash and they haven’t If you can agree a budget to beforehand, make sure you stick to it.

Who can I talk to about festive worries?

While all about giving, the Christmas season can be stress inducing and anxiety ridden for some, if you’ve got concerns over the festivities, get in touch with the Private Therapy Clinic by booking online.

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