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The very latest news from the world of Psychology. Private Therapy Clinic blog offers information about psychological concepts, theories, therapeutic approaches and human behaviour. The articles and vides posted here also offer tips and advice written by registered Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman and our team of Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists.

Spike in Sales of Sex toys Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

For those who are single and looking for a new relationship, or who are open to hook-ups, now is definitely not a good time. We are all supposed to be observing the rules around social distance—which makes sex with someone who is not our long-term partner a no-no. That means that there are a lot of sexually frustrated individuals out there—and a big market for sex toys. Some of the most civic-minded people in our society, the ones who are actually avoiding encounters with others, are probably driving this spike in sales, and should be applauded.

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The Challenges of Being an Empath in a Toxic World (Anxiety)

There is a big difference between being an empath and showing empathy.
For the empath, social interactions aren’t so easy. Every time you step out in public, you’re placing yourself in the centre of an emotional maelstrom.
The only escape is often a physical one, which isn’t always practical or appropriate. There has to be another way around your inter-personal relationships that doesn’t result in your immediate withdrawal.

How to Take Care of your Mental Health during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Anxiety disorders can soar when people are confronted with a threat that they do not understand and feel that they have no control over. There is no point in pretending that the coronavirus isn’t scary, because it is. We’re all reading the papers and watching the news, and we know that this is a big deal. So how can we protect our mental health at this difficult time?

Coronavirus: The Psychology of Stockpiling and Panic Buying

As the Coronavirus has become more of an ever-present topic of discussion in the mainstream media, it’s brought with it more than just the threat of contracting the virus, itself. The last couple of weeks have seen people all over the globe resorting to stockpiling – or panic buying – specific items deemed to be essentials – namely toilet roll and hand sanitiser.

9 Types of Depression and Their Cause

Depression entails far more than simply feeling down. Although low mood is the defining feature that most people associate depressive episodes, it can present itself in more ways than you might be aware of. Some forms of the condition can be brought on by life changes and circumstance, while others are rooted in biological factors. Here are the most prevalent types of the condition you’re most likely to encounter.

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