Thursday, 20 Jul 2017

Margery Parsons Psychodynamic Therapist at Private Therapy Clinic

By Margery Parsons

Margery Parson is a Psychodynamic Therapist who consults at at Private Therapy Clinic. In this video she explains how she came to be a therapist in the first place, why she is so passionate about psychodynamic therapy and how psychodynamic therapy works. Margery helps individuals and couples with a whole range of issues, particularly deep routed problems.

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29 Jun 2017

What Is Walking Depression

Have you ever heard about “Walking” or “Smiling” depression? Don’t be surprised if you have not. In a society where our lives appear to be increasingly defined by the mantra “I’m doing therefore I am”....

09 Feb 2017

Dr. Becky Spelman on Sky News discussing the economy of relationships

Dr. Becky Spelman discusses the gumtree research and how much you will spend on average across various stages of the relationship cycle. ....

25 Dec 2016

Commitment Phobia discussion with Dr Becky Spelman

Dr Becky Spelman discusses fear of commitment on a UK talk show. What is commitment phobia, where does it come from and how to overcoming it.....

25 Dec 2016

What is Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)?

Dr Becky Spelman is a Psychologist who’s main area of speciality is borderline personality disorder (BPD). In this video Dr Becky discusses borderline personality disorder (BPD) in detail covering the following areas: – Where does borderline personality disorder come from in the first place. – How to know if you might have borderline personality disorder. – What difficulties do people with borderline personality disorder experience. – What approaches are helpful for borderline per....

25 Dec 2016

What to do if you aren’t happy with your therapist

Dr. Becky Spelman discusses what to do if there are problems in the relationship with your therapist. When to stick out the relationship, when to call it a day and what is the best way to confront your therapist.....

15 Dec 2016

Are you walking on Eggshells in your relationship?

Intimate relationships with the ones we love are all about compromise. In a partnership, it is normal and appropriate for people to check with their significant others before making decisions that are going to affect the couple. ....

15 Dec 2016

Breaking up under the Mistletoe

Christmas can be the happiest time of the year, but it is also a time when relationships of all sort can come to the boil. A significant number of romantic relationships and marriages break up at Christmas time. So, what is going on?....

13 Dec 2016

December Newsletter

It's that time of year where Halloween costumes and decorations sits near the supermarket entrances and everybody has only now just got used to writing '2016' on documents.....

09 Dec 2016

Flying with Wifi – the Pros and Cons

In today’s ever-connected world, the plane is one of the few places where we get a few hours’ respite from our mobile phones. So is that a good thing or a bad thing? Speaking as a psychologist, I have often noticed that our technological age seems to bring out ADD symptoms in many of us. Because we know that we can access instant entertainment just by picking up our phones, we often find it hard to concentrate on tasks that call for a period of sustained focus. I know that I often have that....

18 Nov 2016

What are the benefits of having a Dyslexia Assessment?

Dyslexia, which impacts on the ability to read and write, is a common condition that can have serious implications for educational and career prospects. However, there are many approaches that can mitigate against its effects, and dyslexia sufferers have the legal right to special help in a range of circumstances.....

18 Nov 2016

What is Compassion Focussed Therapy?

Compassion Focused Therapy combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with knowledge from fields that include neuroscience and an understanding of our evolutionary past to help patients enhance their ability to feel compassion towards themselves and others. ....

18 Nov 2016

What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, maximises your chances to be fulfilled and happy by helping you to accept that there are some things in life you can’t control, and that you can engage actively in doing things that make your life better. ....

18 Nov 2016

How to overcome a break up

When an important relationship ends, it can be the start of a very difficult time. Sometimes, things seem to get harder as the weeks and months pass, rather than easier, as we think they should. Life can be even more complicated when children are involved and we keep having to see our ex for practical reasons.....

12 Nov 2016

Brits crave all the likes – social media addiction

Dr Becky Spelman explains instant gratification needed by Brits in the form of social media likes, tweets and shares, with the average Brit spending over 2 hours a day across 3 social media accounts.....

10 Nov 2016

Zayn Malik and his Anxiety Disorder

The world got to know Zayn Malik as the cute young man who sang and danced in boyband One Direction, and millions of teenage girls were devastated when he left the band. With his brooding good looks and successful career, Zayn seemed to have it all before he had even left his early twenties.....

05 Nov 2016

Too Scared to Push? Fear of Childbirth/Afraid of Giving Birth?

While it’s perfectly normal for any woman to experience some nervousness or anxiety around childbirth, for some the fear of childbirth becomes so great that it can actually have a huge impact on their lives and the decisions they take. When fear of childbirth becomes so overwhelming, it is considered a phobia known as “tokophobia”. Tokophobia is a psychological disorder whereby the woman’s fear of giving birth involves a dramatic over-estimation of the actual dangers involved. While thin....

03 Nov 2016

Being a CBT therapist in London – Interview with Tara McCloskey

Tara McCloskey is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT), working both in private practice for the Private Therapy Clinic and for the NHS. She provides therapy both in English and in Farsi and was born and lives in London. Today I interviewed Tara to find out more about her role as a CBT therapist, her lifestyle and what her job involves.....

27 Oct 2016

Theory of mind, schizotypy, and persecutory ideation in young adults

Previous studies of the relation between theory of mind (ToM) and schizotypy have suggested that ToM deficits may be associated with positive signs (e.g., hallucination- and delusion-like experiences). Good theoretical reasons exist to suggest that this relation may be largely due to ToMdeficits being predominantly associated with the occurrence of persecutory delusion-like beliefs. This study set out to test this hypothesis and address limitations of previous research.....

23 Oct 2016

October Newsletter

It's that time of year where Halloween costumes and decorations sits near the supermarket entrances and everybody has only now just got used to writing '2016' on documents.....

22 Sep 2016

Dr Becky Spelman’s interview on 2FM about the movie Lights out

Dr Becky Spelman's chat with Eoghan McDermott on 2fm, talking fear, phobias and scary movies such as the movie LightsOut.....

21 Sep 2016

Panic Disorder Treatment Video

Dr Becky Spelman discusses how panic disorder can be treated effectively using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and provides information about what's involved in the treatment.....

21 Sep 2016

Fear and Horror movies

Dr Becky Spelman on Dublin's 98 FM Interview about the Psychology of Fear and Horror movies....

02 Sep 2016

Mental Health Issues are More Common than You Think

Mental health issues are more common than you think. Our short video offers some interesting statistics. A video by The Private Therapy Clinic....

02 Sep 2016

Uncertainty & The Availability of Information

Uncertainty and fear can fundamentally create an atmosphere of anxiety and on a macro scale this can lead to cultural change that hardwires anxieties into the population. How many people would now pick up an unattended bag on the train to hand it in to lost property?....

18 Aug 2016

Psychologist OR Psychiatrist

It can be confusing to know whether you need a Psychologist or a Psychiatrist and many people don't know the different between the two. To receive clarification on which expert you should see follow this helpful infographic. Psychologist ofter talking therapy and are usually trained in a number of different therapeutic approaches. Psychiatrists are medical doctors and can prescribe medication. Psychiatrists can recommend the best type of talking therapy for you. Both Psychologists and Psychiatri....

17 Aug 2016

Which type of therapy approach would suit me best?

It can be confusing with so many different approaches out there, answer these questions to find out which of the main approaches would benefit you the most out of the following: CBT, Psychodynamic, EMDR or integrative therapy. ....

17 Aug 2016

When Good Sex Goes Bad – How To Avoid Making Bad Choices In Your Sex Life – Huffington Post

Sex sells the advertising industry says. Men think about sex every seven seconds, a famous but completely fabricated stat says, (it’s actually 19 times per day, on average, with women sex-sidetracked an average of ten times per day). If you believe the media then our whole lives revolve around sex, and whilst that isn’t true, it is fair to say that many people in the West live in a relatively enlightened sexual time, where sexual freedom is both relatively attainable and relatively socially ....

12 Feb 2007

Physical and psychological sequelae of critical illness.

A published research study by Dr Kannika Sukantarat.The objective of the study was to measure levels of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress among survivors of a critical illness and to relate these symptoms to general health parameters.....

12 Feb 2007

Psychological assessment of ICU survivors: a comparison between the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale and the Depression, Anxiety and Stress scale.

Recovery from a critical illness can be delayed by persistent anxiety and depression. To identify such patients, a new self-report questionnaire (the Depression, Anxiety and Stress scale, DASS) was used alongside an established instrument (the Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale, HADS) in those who had spent a minimum of 3 days (median 9 days) in a general intensive care unit. DASS performs as consistently as HADS in screening for anxiety and depression, and its psychometric properties support....

01 Jul 2005

Prolonged cognitive dysfunction in survivors of critical illness

A prospective study using neuropsychological testing explored cognitive performance, and specifically executive function, in survivors of critical illness during the first year of recovery.....

01 Aug 2016

The Psychology Behind Premature Ejaculation – What’s Really Causing It – Huffington Post

As a practicing psychologist I see many people with sexual issues that impact heavily upon their lives. However, there’s one in particular that many men find particularly stressful, and that’s premature ejaculation. This is something that affects up to 4 in 10 men over the age of 18 at some point in their lives, and yet it’s become taboo to talk openly about something that happens to nearly half of British men.....

13 Jul 2016

What Is ‘Tapping’ and Can It Cure All Of Your Pain?

Dr Becky Spelman's Psychologist comments in Vice magazine about EFT. Click here to read the full article. Dr Becky Spelman, psychologist and CBT therapist at Private Therapy Clinic on Harley Street, is not in favour. "While energy meridians are an interesting concept, scientific investigation has thus far been unable to confirm their existence," she said. "Formal studies of the efficacy of EFT have, to date, indicated that any positive results probably have more to do with the placebo effect tha....

11 Jul 2016

Can I buy a Shared Ownership property with a friend?

Advice from the expert. Psychologist Rebecca Spelman gives tips and guidance on how to buy and live together without putting your friendship at risk.....

07 Jul 2016

Depression is Seriously Easy to Treat – Advice from our Psychiatrist

By Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Sameer SarkarIf you are reading this, you are likely to be experiencing some symptoms commonly associated with depression, or know someone who is. You could be the parent of a teenager, a young adult, spouse, employer, colleague or just a friend. You have concerns about some of the behavior someone is exhibiting. Or you could be worried about how you are feeling lately and the impact it is having on you and those around you. You think something is not right, ye....

01 Jul 2016

How to break the vicious cycle of social anxiety

How to break the vicious cycle of social anxiety - unhelpful thoughts, physical symptoms & behaviours.In this video we discuss what keep social anxiety going and how to practicing a technique which helps break the cycle and counter the effects of social anxiety....

29 Jun 2016

Approaching ADHD with Psychiatry

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is an often misunderstood condition not least because its prevalence in society is a relatively new field of study. Much like other areas of mental health, the collective symptoms of ADHD have until the last few decades been unacknowledged as a condition.....

25 Jun 2016

How to stop feeling self conscious in social situations – Focus of attention and social anxiety

A Cognitive Behavioural Self help video on how to stop feeling self conscious in social situations. When we feel anxious in social situations we tend to focus on what is happening internally for us which lead us to notice our negative thoughts and sensations more. ....

24 Jun 2016

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Low Self-Esteem

From a psychodynamic perspective, the genesis of a person’s self-esteem is usually rooted in childhood experience. Several factors may contribute, from obvious criticisms or abuse from parents and bullying at school, to more subtle factors such as missing out on experiences that would build a sense of confidence in a growing child or inconsistent or no positive reinforcement for his accomplishments.....

23 Jun 2016

What causes and maintains social anxiety

What triggers and maintains social anxiety. In this video one of Private Therapy Clinic's consultants explains why typically happens when someone experiences social anxiety. When someone understands their own cycle it can help break the cycle by considering what areas need to be worked on.....

21 Jun 2016

Dr Francesca Ducci – Consultant Psychiatrist at Private Therapy Clinic

Dr. Francesca Ducci, MD, PhD, is a general adult psychiatrist working at Private Therapy Clinic in London. Over the years she has developed a broad range of clinical and research expertise working in Italy, UK and US. Dr. Ducci completed her medical postgraduate qualification in General Adult Psychiatry in London.....

14 Jun 2016

The ubiquity of fear – Should we avoid reading and watching the news?

Very few people would genuinely wish to roll back the Internet. The online world has given us a huge amount in terms of the availability to knowledge, the ability to communicate with friends and family all over the world, and a lot more. It’s also given us the ability to be on top of what’s happening everywhere, all the time – and that’s something of a mixed blessing!....

07 Apr 2016

Sex, Gore and Playtime: What Does Watching Extreme Videos As a Kid Do to You? Comments by Dr Lindsay Ip

Dr Lindsay Ip's Child Psychologist comments in Vice magazine about the effect on children of watching extreme content online (pornography, violence etc) and what effect, if any, it has long-term on the child's mental well being.....

04 Apr 2016

Children being driven to despair as primary pupils under the age of 5 now self-harming

Child psychologist Lindsay Ip, who practises at London’s Private Therapy Clinic, said that self-harm among children under five was tragically no longer rare, adding that modern technology was partly to blame.She said: “Children today are more used to immediate gratification from technology and digital games than active, creative play in the outdoors and connection to humans and nature.“This means they have less time to process and integrate experiences, which limits their capacity ....

03 Apr 2016

Life Flat-sharing at 40: ‘The thought of owning property again is daunting’

The psychology of sharing a living space later in life is the subject of research by Dr Becky Spelman at the Private Therapy Clinic, alongside her peers in London and New York. She says, ‘This kind of living style has an initial impact on self-esteem for many. We have preconceptions that society will judge us negatively for not owning our home past the age of 40.’....

25 Nov 2015

The allure of the nanny: What makes these child-carers so irresistible?

Appalling, exploitative behaviour, for sure – but it may be partly down to genes, says Dr Becky Spelman of the Private Therapy Clinic ‘There is a theory with nannies in particular that is linked to evolutionary drives,’ she says. Man shuts down cheating ex in the most passive-aggressive way ‘Men are biologically programmed to look for maternal instincts and, if they see a young, potentially fertile woman surrounded by babies, this perception of them as potential partners increases.....

07 Oct 2015

Cheeks in, lips parted! As the ‘fish gape’ takes over the red carpet, FEMAIL offers a masterclass in how YOU can perfect the photo-friendly look

FEMAIL spoke to Harley Street psychologist Dr Becky Spelman about the ever-changing vortex of photo faces. 'Because of the way today’s spotlight shines on celebrities, the red carpet is a daunting place for even the most confident and experienced individual,' she said.....

06 Oct 2015

Is your bad temper KILLING you? Angry men are more likely to die before the age of 70, study claims

Harley Street-based psychologist Dr Becky Spelman said there are many practical things that we can each do to manage our anger levels. ‘Take the time to consider the things in your life that you can be appreciative of – write them down and picture each clearly in your mind, ideally when you first wake up,’ she said. ‘Visualise what you really want from your life. Hold on to this vision tightly and whenever you feel frustrated come back to the visualisation and do not let go of this. ....

07 Jun 2016

Paul Christopher Mollitt Therapist Intro Video

He has substantial experience working in the NHS, higher education and privately. Paul has worked with adults and couples in both primary (IAPT) and secondary care (CMHT) mental health services within the NHS across several London boroughs. He also has experience working with students at several universities including UCL as well as maintaining a private practice for several years.....

03 Jun 2016

Stimulate the Brain: Not Just Stimulants – Non-pharmacological Treatment of Attentional Disorders in Adults

Non-pharmacological Treatment of Attentional Disorders (ADD/ADHD) in Adultsby Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Sameer SarkarThe National Institute of Clinical Excellence regularly publishes technology evaluations and ‘guidance’ (NICE Guidelines). Although they are ‘guidelines’ only and not gospel, many consider them to be so, perhaps because no other guidelines exist to clinicians which they can rely on as ‘benchmark’. The NICE guidelines on ADHD conceptualizes the disorder to be a....

06 Jun 2016

Our Thoughts: Raheem Sterling “Reveals” He is Seeing a Psychiatrist

So Raheem Sterling (England, Manchester City) has admitted to seeing a psychiatrist. This is news because? After I read the piece, I was in two minds about which bit of this ‘news’ is newsworthy. That he has been seeing a ‘psychiatrist’, or that he was bold enough to admit it? Kudos to Sterling, for owning up to seeking help from outside the usual suspects - his coach, physio, agent and whatever entourage a modern day footballer with wages of £200,000 per week has. But why not?....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Spiders – Dr Becky Spelman

Spider phobia episode from the Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures series. A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on. Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman is ha....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Birds – Dr Becky Spelman

A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on. ....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Dogs – Dr Becky Spelman

Dog phobia episode from the Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures series. A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on. Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman is hand ....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Water – Dr Becky Spelman

Water phobia episode from the Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures series. A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on. Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman is han....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Heights – Dr Becky Spelman

A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on.....

07 Jun 2016

Extreme Phobias Extreme Cures – Confined Spaces – Dr Becky Spelman

Claustraphobia episode from the Extreme Phobias, Extreme Cures series. A series which sees people with the same crippling fear or phobia join forces to overcome their problem once and for all – from spiders, dogs and birds to heights, confined spaces and water. Each week ten fellow sufferers will take part in an extreme form of exposure therapy that will involve them helping each other through their worst nightmare scenarios as they tackle their fear head on. Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman is h....

04 Apr 2016

4 Reasons Why The Relationship with Your Therapist is Important

It’s not uncommon to see therapists talking about how it is important that you, as a client, are comfortable with the therapist you have chosen or have been recommended. It does make a lot of sense, who wants to disclose their deepest thoughts with somebody that just isn’t a good fit for them? ....

08 Mar 2016

Dr Lindsay Ip, Psychologist, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Couples and Family Therapist

Psychologist Dr Lindsay Ip discusses her clinical work, the types of clients she sees and what types of issues she can help people with. She understands that it can be an anxiety provoking experience when a client first comes to see her and therefore she has made this video to help clients know what to expect. In this video Lindsay discusses the type of approaches she uses and how she works collaboratively with her clients. ....

08 Mar 2016

Not to Hot: How to Reconnect Your Relationship’s Sexual Energy – Huffington Post

It is not easy to maintain a good romantic relationship between two people in this day and age. We have never had more access to distraction, and this impacts on the level of intimacy that two people are able to achieve with each other. Continue Reading....

01 Mar 2016

How His Relationship With His Mum Could Spell The End Of Yours – Huffington Post

This week I have been asked by three different friends about their boyfriends' relationship with their respective mothers. What was interesting was that each had a different issue about it, with each providing a different impact upon their relationships. ....

28 Feb 2016

February Newsletter

There goes the first two warm-up months of a brand new year, now it's time to actually start enforcing those resolutions on yourself! Careful though, Easter is just around the corner, and often means a few naughty chocolate treats.....

26 Feb 2016

The Duchess of Cambridge Is Right – Young Minds Really Do Matter – Huffington Post

There are some moments in our society that we look back on and realize the world really did change a bit that day. When Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge took on the Editorship of the Huffington Post last week, that's what happened for our society's collective understanding of mental health issues, particularly in children.....

15 Feb 2016

Can a mobile app replace your therapist?

From ordering takeaway food and monitoring your blood pressure through to maintaining global friendships and finding love, the concept of the 'app' is nothing short of revolutionary. The agility of the app insofar that it can accomplish virtually any required task is summed up gracefully by the well-known and much parodied 2009 Apple trademark quote "there's an app for that".....

15 Feb 2016

How to Spot Signs Your Partner May Be a Cheater – The Huffington Post

Around Valentine's Day, no-one wants to think their partner may be thinking of someone else. However, research suggests that modern monogamous relationships have never been more likely to see one or both partners stray from home, with some statistics showing over 50% of people are likely to commit at least one act of infidelity in their lifetime. ....

12 Feb 2016

4 Things to Celebrate and Enjoy On Your Commute

It’s quite natural to think about the commute into work as a banal, routine and unenviable part of the day in which you have the privilege of occupying the same space as hundreds of other people who feel exactly the same way you do.....

02 Feb 2016

Understanding Sexual Fetishes – The Huffington Post

Thanks to the 50 Shades of Grey phenomena, last year saw the fetish scene sail as close to the mainstream as it has ever done, with the series' first movie the eleventh most popular global film, and EL James's re-telling of her first novel.......

26 Jan 2016

January Newsletter

The start of a new year is a great time to make a fresh start on almost anything. From relationships to your health or even your career, 2016 has the potential to be a great year for all of us.....

22 Jan 2016

Online Daters Be Wary – Dating Sites Attract Psychopaths and Love Addicts – The Huffington Post

According to recent stats there will be nine million Brits online dating as you read this, with nearly half of adults in the UK having tried finding love through the internet. ....

20 Jan 2016

How to get that job: Dr Becky Spelman’s interview in The Independent

Dr Becky Spelman dreamed of working in a field where she could help individuals find a higher degree of happiness in their lives.....

12 Jan 2016

2015 Was the Year of Casual Sex – But Is It Dangerous for Your Psychological Health?

In 2015 the frequency and depth of sex in my patients' lives appeared to increase in its importance, seemingly due to the ever increasingly sexualised and consumerist society we live in.....

20 Dec 2015

December Newsletter

As we get closer to the end of another year, it's once again time to reflect on what's been happening at the clinic, and then swiftly turn our heads towards the Christmas break. We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy new year. And don't forget those resolutions!It's been a busy month for Dr Becky Spelman with a number of media appearances and the publication of a brand new help video.....

04 Dec 2015

Life Post The Paris Terror Attacks – The Saturday Show – Channel 5 – Dr Becky Spelman

Dr Becky Spelman speaks on Channel 5's The Saturday show about how to deal with anxiety after the Paris attacks.Dr Becky Spelman, a cognitive behavioural Psychologist joins the show to take a look at the varying responses and why we react the way we do.....

28 Nov 2015

November Newsletter

As we get into the winter months, it’s a great time of year to take stock of where we are at with our emotional and psychological health, and recalibrate.....

26 Nov 2015

How to identify and overcome OCD intrusive thoughts

By    -  .

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman talks about how to identify OCD thoughts and how exposure therapy for intrusive thoughts can help.....

25 Nov 2015

Dr Becky Spelman on The Gadget Show

Dr Becky Spelman helps presenter Ortis overcome his fear on The Gadget Show on Channel 5 using exposure therapy along with gadgets. ....

05 Nov 2015

Beating The Winter Blues

Seasonal Affected Disorder (or SAD as it is more commonly known) is the mood related condition which sees sufferers adversely affected by changes in the seasons. For most people this means they feel worse and exhibit symptoms of depression during winter months, but some can suffer in other seasons, also. Like depression, symptoms can be very unique to each individual, but often we see signs of apathy, disinterest, lowered sex drive, and sluggish performance with work. - See more at: http://thepr....

29 Oct 2015

Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman on London Live

Psychologist Dr Becky talks on London Live about the research study commissioned by Beko which investigates the way in which socialising has changed, why staying in is the new going out and kitchen envy and the pressure to keep up with all the latest appliances, gadgets and technology. ....

20 Aug 2015

The Psychology of Possessions and Owning more Experiences than Items

Modern society is wonderful in many ways, and the upsides of increases in technological and scientific advances has enabled us to live longer, and in more comfort, than at any other time in human history. However, the consumerism that drives our society comes with the veneration of consumer goods, or ‘stuff’, and it is this drive for consumable abundance that directly impacts our happiness.....

19 Aug 2015

4 Signs that Your Job Could be Negatively Affecting Your Mental Health

Even if you wouldn’t consider your work demanding but still feel intense pressure, displeasure or stress, we all need to be looking out for these red flags.....

10 Jul 2015

How can persuasion be successful? by Vasiliki Gkofa, Psychology Writer

There is no doubt that people want their opinions to be heard and valued. Consequently they may undergo many tactics in order to persuade others of their views. Persuasion techniques may be implemented on purpose but sometimes they may appear without our intention. It is known that politicians are the first ones to apply persuasion techniques to influence public opinion and achieve their goals.....

09 Jul 2015

Sport and Our Vital Essence

Everybody is aware of the relationship between physical activity and health, scientific evidence has showed how much physical activity can help us lead healthier lives.From a neurological point of view international research has showed how sports produce positive effects not only on our general wellbeing, but also on our neurological system.....

04 Jun 2015

Why do eating disorders and borderline personality disorder go together? By Dr Becky Spelman

Eating disorders occur in people who have difficulty managing their emotions and sitting with difficult emotions, both highly painful emotions and the most subtle of negative emotions.....

01 Jun 2015

How to survive the ‘ideal’ body image battle by Jemma Joel

Summer can be a tough time for those who are body conscious, as hot weather equals less clothing. To some, this can be their least favourite time of the year and in turn, can lead to lower self-esteem and more negativity about themselves.....

26 May 2015

Can you learn to be happy?

Being dissatisfied with your work can motivate you to try harder in order to succeed. Therefore what can be said with certainty is that we should find the joy and happiness in whatever we do. - See more at:

25 May 2015

Bringing Harley Street Therapy to Chelsea

The Private Therapy Clinic, led by Psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman has recently opened a new treatment location in Chelsea. The services provided at the successful Harley St clinic are now available to those who live and work in the Chelsea and Kensington area. - See more at:

20 May 2015

4 Reasons Why All Company Owners Should Consider Therapy

‘Therapy’ is a word often reserved for when talking about those suffering a range of mental illnesses but this doesn’t reflect reality. In actual fact, therapy can be an excellent way to keep stress at bay.....

12 May 2015

Psychologist Anna Sagredou Introduction Video

Psychologist Anna Sagredou discusses how she works with clients and the techniques which she uses to help clients achieve change. Anna is trained in a variety of techniques such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic approaches and Mindfulness. She works with both individuals and couples. Anna has worked in both private settings, the NHS and has worked in the UK as well as other countries. She has experience as a Psychologist, a lecturer and providers other Psychologists with teaching, ....

11 Mar 2015

What are the different types of anxiety by Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Maya Cooray

Psychological Therapist Maya Cooray discusses the various different types of anxiety disorders such as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Health Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Phobias, Panic Disorder and Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD). ....

25 Feb 2015

Overcoming Panic Attacks by Dr Becky Spelman

Dr Becky Spelman provides a 30 minutes step by step Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment guide on how to overcome panic attacks based on David Clark's research proven treatment. Follow these steps to overcome your panic attacks once and for all. ....

20 Feb 2015

How to have a healthy relationship with your partner

In order to have a healthy relationship, both partners must be committed - not only to each other but committed to making the relationship successful. Every relationship has its highs and lows, but the key point is to keep communication at a level that produces honesty, trust and happiness. As relationships progress, you learn new things about each other - things that may irritate or even upset you - which is all part of turning your relationship into something that will become long-term.....

16 Feb 2015

Is nostalgia good for us?

We all fall prey to nostalgia from time to time. When we are middle-aged or elderly, we tend to remember an idealised version of the past, when we were young and gorgeous, and everything seemed to be so much simpler. Similarly, collectively we often yearn for times gone by. Looked at from the distance of today, it often seems that things were easier in the past. This seems to be a sort of nostalgia to which the British are particularly prone, as evidenced by the massive success of TV shows like ....

09 Feb 2015

Fifty Shades of Harm – Why Fifty Shares of Grey is so harmful.

What’s the harm in a little fun? Millions of women, and some men, have enjoyed reading Fifty Shades of Grey, and now they can enjoy seeing the lurid erotic novel played out on the big screen too.Everyone has sexual fantasies, which are a normal, healthy part of our psychological make-up. There’s nothing wrong with letting our mind run riot, and imagining ourselves in all sorts of steamy situations. But the normalising of S&M behaviours, which are increasingly presented in the media as so....

01 Feb 2015

Spider Phobia (Arachnophobia) Treatment – How to overcome Spider Phobia in a few hours

Dr. Becky Spelman helps a lady overcome her spider phobia in just a few hours. In the end she's fine to hold a Tarantula and even have a Tarantula sit on her head. ....

30 Jan 2015

Why do we dream?

Nobody knows for sure why we developed the ability to dream, or what the evolutionary advantage is, but there are lots of interesting theories out there. Whatever the origins of dreaming (something that we share with at least some other mammals), it can play an important role in our psychological health. Again, the mechanism by which this takes place is not always a completely straightforward one.....

29 Jan 2015

What is Perfectionism by Maya Cooray | Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist Maya Cooray speaks about perfectionism. Any introduction to the topic of perfectionism, an issue that many people experience in one of many areas of their life. ....

27 Jan 2015

Can Reality TV Harm the Participants?

In a word, yes – although it doesn’t have to, and sometimes the outcome can even be good! Everyone is different, and while participating in a reality show can be a huge challenge for some people, others may thrive.....

23 Jan 2015

Anxiety – it CAN go away.

If you suffer from anxiety, then you know what a horrible experience it is. The sweating palms, the shaking; even thoughts that you may die. But to all of you out there who suffer with this disorder - it is treatable and it will go away. It's one of the most easily treated disorders out there, but most are too worried to take the first step and ask for help.....

20 Jan 2015

Therapist introduction video from Tara McCloskey Occupational Psychologist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Tara is a Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist who has been accredited by the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies (BABCP). She mostly uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) but she also uses other approaches such as Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT). Watch her introduction video.....

20 Jan 2015

Hate mornings? You could have undiagnosed Adult ADHD (ADD)

Many people have trouble waking up in the morning. But if you have consistent difficulties sleeping, you could have attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). New research has revealed a correlation between the circadian rhythm, the bodies sleep regulation mechanism, and ADHD/ADD. Studies show that trouble falling asleep, poor REM sleep and feeling sluggish in the morning could be a symptom of these disorders.....

06 Jan 2015

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt wants to be called John: When is a child old enough to make a decision about gender identity?

Celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt raised eyebrows recently when they announced that their daughter, Shiloh Jolie Pitt, preferred to dress and behave “like a boy” – and that they are totally fine with that. Apparently little Shiloh – who is lucky enough to have inherited stunning good looks from both sides of her family – is now happier dressing as a boy, and playing with “boys’ toys”, and has asked her family to call her “John.”....

25 Dec 2014

Dealing with Depression during the Holidays

By    -  Dr. Becky Spelman

Living with depression can be a challenge at the best of times. During the holidays, when we are all “supposed” to be happy all the time, it can be doubly difficult. Friends and relatives can become impatient and resentful if your depressed mood puts a downer on a party, and family tensions can be hard for everyone.....

12 Nov 2014

Private Therapy Clinic Client Testimonial

Social anxiety client speaks about her Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Treatment with Dr Becky Spelman. The treatment involved manage exposure exercises over a 6 hour period along through and belief challenging tools.....

01 Nov 2014

Therapist introduction video from Herjoyt Ubhi accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT)

Herjoyt Ubhi is a BABCP accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) experienced in working with moderate to severe or complex depression, anxiety, addictions and personality disorders in NHS and here at Private Therapy Clinic. She is skills in a range of approches such as CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR).....

17 Oct 2014

Could you be suffering from Generalised Anxiety Disorder?

It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious from time to time. Most of us experience anxiety around important events, such as a job interview. So long as we only experience anxiety when we “should” it’s just one of those things we have to deal with.....

12 Sep 2014

The Psychology of Travel – Is there Psychological Benefits of seeing the World?

To say that travel broadens the mind is something of a truism, but is there anything in the old adage? As I’m about to leave on a month long trip to Asia, I thought I would look into the matter and report my findings back to you! And I’ve learned that, in fact, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that sometimes a spot of travel can be just what we need.....

09 Sep 2014

Another Way to Learn?

The arrival of autumn also means the start of a new school year; a time that can bring both excitement and anxiety to parents and children alike.....

08 Sep 2014

The Brangelina Effect and The Psychology of Marriage

By    -  Do we Need to be Married to Have a Family with Someone we Love?

As anyone who reads the gossip column knows, actors Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie recently got married, despite having been a couple for years, and having a family of six children.....

07 Sep 2014

Stress and Mindfulness (part 2)

Mindfulness coach David Robinson teaches a Mindfulness mediation for stress reduction.....

07 Sep 2014

Stress and Mindfulness (part 1)

Mindfulness coach David Robinson answers a questions about how Mindfulness can be used to reduce stress.....

30 Aug 2014

Embarrassing Bodies on Channel 4

Dr Becky Spelman discusses Sleep-related Rhythmic Movement Disorder with a young lady and provides her with tips on how to manage the stress which triggers the disorder.....

30 Aug 2014

Airbrushed pictures should be clearly labelled

Dr Becky talks about the effects airbrushed pictures of models in the media can have on young people.....

30 Aug 2014

Testimonials from Dr Becky’s client

By    -  Testimonial post from Depression client – Stephen

Depression client who had Cognitive Behavioural Treatment with Dr Becky Spelman speaks about his experience of therapy at Private Therapy Clinic.....

29 Aug 2014

Maya Cooray

By    -  Maya CoorayCognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist

Maya Cooray - Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist....

29 Aug 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

By    -  Dr. Becky Spelman’s Ice Bucket Challenge on Harley St

Private Therapy Clinics Clinical Director participates in the Ice Bucket Challenge and donates free blocks of therapy to five people affected by ASL or their families.....

21 Aug 2014

Something missing – Growing up with an emotionally unavailable Mother

By    -  Registered Psychologist

Growing up with a mother who is a quiet Borderline (Borderline Waif’s) mother or mother who is has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be incredibly difficult for a child as your mum will be emotionally underdeveloped. - See more at:

06 Aug 2014

Depression and Mental Health in Men

By    -  Depression and Mental Health in Men

Dr. Becky Spelman speaks on BBC 5live’s Men’s Hour (podcast) about “Depression and Mental Health in Men.” Also speaking about their experiences of depression is former Torquay United Manager Martin Ling and Poet and Stand up Comedian Jack Rourke.....

05 Aug 2014

Housing Costs – Are young adults forced to stay longer?

By    -  Dr. Becky Spelman speaks on Sky News participating in a discussion about “Housing Costs

Dr. Becky Spelman talks on Sky News about the difficulties young people face today trying to get ahead. ....

09 Jul 2014

How to help prevent a loved one from committing suicide

By    -   How to help prevent a loved one from committing suicide

Dr Becky speaks about suicide prevention. What to do if someone you know is suicidal.....

09 Jul 2014

CBT or Psychodynamic Therapy for Depression. Which is right for me.

By    -  Psychotherapy Writer. Depression may be seen as such an overused term nowadays that people do not see the real threat of it.

Psychotherapy Writer. Depression may be seen as such an overused term nowadays that people do not see the real threat of it.....

15 Apr 2014

Borderline Personality Disorder & relationships

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychotherapy Writer

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a serious condition which affects both mood and interpersonal function. It is thought that genetics and the environment are factors that result in BPD; with 8 out of 10 sufferers having experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse during childhood.....

18 Feb 2014

Anorexia – What you should know

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychotherapy Writer

Your perception of anorexia may be of a skeletal type person who doesn’t eat, however the core of anorexia isn’t really about food and weight.....

18 Feb 2014

Computerised CBT – how beneficial is it?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychotherapy Writer

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is used to help a person change how they think about themselves, their world and others around them. It also tries to help them notice how the things that they do can affect their thoughts and feelings. ....

03 Oct 2013

Calling time on reclined airline seats

The strong support for a change in reclined seat procedures makes sense, says psychologist Dr. Becky Spelman, Clinical Director at the Private Therapy Clinic in Harley Street. The effect of people reclining their seat can result in various negative emotions such as anger, stress, anxiety, frustration and upset for the passenger behind them. This emotional impact can result in a whole range of unhelpful behaviours, including air rage.....

09 Sep 2013

Going straight to the point in therapy – Intensive short-term Dynamic Psycptherapy (ISTDP)

Intensive short-term Dynamic Psycptherapy (ISTDP) aims for a permanent character transformation of psychologically-ill patients in than less 40 hours, through intense and focused therapeutic techniques. ....

16 May 2013

Tunes for the nervous flyer

The Science Behind the MusicDr Spelman’s research finds that breathing in time to music with a low bpm at a controlled and reduced pace is proven to lower heart rate and blood pressure which in turn reduces anxiety. Another established method is to listen to tracks which stimulate both sides of the brain, while using headphones and with eyes your closed. Music which is harmonious and emotive is generally regarded as the best at achieving this type of stimulation which induces Eye Movement ....

24 May 2013

What is the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?

By    -  Consultant Psychiatrist at Private Therapy Clinic

The question I most often get asked is what is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist....

06 Jan 2013

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

By    -   Clinical Director of Private Therapy Clinic, Psychologist & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

You look down at the slender figure in the magazine on your bedside table, and then look back to the mirror. Your cheeks no longer look fresh and full of life, but actually… actually they look a little plump.....

26 Dec 2012

Improve your sleep hygiene to improve your sleep

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

We have all experienced a bad night’s sleep, tossing and turning whilst the clock seems to tick increasingly loudly. When this becomes regular or the norm, however, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.....

19 Nov 2012

Eye movement desensitization reprocessing – EMDR

By    -  Looking for EMDR in London?

Dr. Becky Spelman uses a technique known as Eye Movement Desensitization & reprocessing Therapy (EMDR) to help a client get over the emotional trauma of a break up. ....

09 Nov 2012

Understanding Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Firstly it is important for us to dispel any misconceptions there are about what Body Dismorphic Disorder is. Often people confuse BDD with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) – and yes although there are similarities (obsessive thoughts), OCD deals with more than just obsessive thoughts about physical appearance.....

30 Oct 2012

Overcoming Romantic Jealousy

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Jealousy is a painful and poisonous emotion which refers to undesirable thoughts and feelings of anxiety, inadequacy and insecurity. It is activated by threats to a relationship and motivates behaviour that counters the threat.....

02 Sep 2012

Binge Eating – When eating too much, gets too much…

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) is when an individual recurrently consumes larger than normal amounts of food within a short period of time (e.g. less than 2 hours), often when not physically hungry.....

25 Aug 2012

Am I a sex addict?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

There has been an explosion of articles in the media in recent years about sex addictions and its addicts ranging from stories about famous sportsmen such as Tiger Woods or famous actors such as David Duchovney, Charlie Sheen and even Michael Douglas. Although these are examples of famous individuals, mainly men, sex addictions can affect anyone of any gender, race, age or socio-economic background.....

24 Aug 2012

Do I have a female sexual problem?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Think you might have a sexual problem? When should you be worried? It is generally the case that something in your sex life is not occurring the way you were expecting it to. Sexual problems can cause feelings of anxiety and a lot of distress. Let’s have a look at the most common female sexual problem. It is important to remember that there is a degree of severity in the experience of these disorders.....

24 Aug 2012

Self-harm: Understanding & Overcoming self-injury

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Self-harm is a behaviour that involves a person harming themselves. The most common behaviour people attribute to self-harm is when people cut or scratch themselves with sharp objects. However, self-harm includes a variety of different behaviours: burning your skin, swallowing poisonous substances, or hitting yourself. Even binge drinking or being addicted to alcohol, drugs/drug overdose, or developing an eating disorder can be considered as self-harm.....

24 Aug 2012

Rules for a good relationship

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Maintaining a healthy and success relationship with a partner is never easy. Although buying expensive jewellery, taking long walks on the beach, and going to fancy dinners seem like the ideal virtues of any relationship, they might not always work for us. You may often find that those couples who seem to be to have easy going, carefree relationships, are often the ones who are suppressing a deep and intense dissatisfaction with their significant other. Experts say that a healthy, positive relat....

23 Aug 2012

Moving beyond worry; what to do when worry gets excessive.

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Anxiety is a human emotion that all people experience and despite the way it makes us feel, it one that still has an important role to play in everyday life. Anxiety does not bring about a particularly pleasant experience for any of us, but without it, our ancestors would surely not have been able to avoid danger long enough (in a world far more dangerous than it is now) to reproduce or pass on their genes to the next generation.....

23 Aug 2012

Stress – Where does it come from?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

At some point or another in our lives we all have or will experience some kind of stress. While most of it is short-lived and goes away either by itself or with the help and support of our immediate environment such as family, circle of friends or through recreational activities, sometimes the stress we experience becomes prolonged or chronic, reinforcing our distressed state. The experience of stress is almost a fact, but what about its source? Where does it come from? What causes us to stress?....

23 Aug 2012

Do I have a male sexual problem?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

In this article we’ll explore male sexual problems. Think you might have one? What are they and when should you be worried? It is generally the case that something in your sex life is not occurring the way you were expecting it to. Sexual problems can cause feelings of anxiety and a lot of distress. Let’s have look at the most common male sexual problems. It is important to remember that there is a degree of severity in the experience of these disorders. No two people will experience the sam....

23 Aug 2012

What therapy is right for me?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

With a number of therapeutic interventions available, it can be difficult to figure out what is the best therapy for your particular difficulty. Research has shown that certain problems have better outcomes when treated with specific therapies. Our own individual emotional makeup will also make us feel more comfortable with certain types of interventions. Below, we will briefly review different types of therapeutic interventions and focus on problems that they have the highest success in treatin....

23 Aug 2012

Stop depression ruining your life with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

People with depression start to see the world from a glass is half empty perspective. They have far more negative thoughts than is realistic or helpful. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps tackle depression by teaching the person to question their automatic negative thoughts and inaccurate assumptions and by identifying other vicious cycles that keep the problem going such as not getting the right dose of mood boosting activities. Research has show that in order to keep our mood good, we s....

23 Aug 2012

What is Mindfulness, and how can it help me?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

Essentially mindfulness is the act of being actively present and paying attention to yourself, and your surroundings. You may think that we do this all the time; however, with so many different things vying for our attention, this is invariably not the case. As life becomes increasingly fast paced we find that we are constantly multi-tasking; while we are at work we reply to an email whilst already thinking about that phone call we’ve got to make next, and wondering what to cook for dinner, an....

23 Aug 2012

Am I an Alcoholic?

By    -  Private Therapy Clinic Psychology Writer

There is no doubt that life can be very stressful at times. Whether it’s a tight deadline at work, financial worries or family problems, all of us need a little bit of light relief and escapism at time.There is no doubt that life can be very stressful at times. Whether it’s a tight deadline at work, financial worries or family problems, all of us need a little bit of light relief and escapism at time.....

23 Aug 2012

Shamash Alidina joins Private Therapy Clinic

Shamash Alidina MEng MA is a mindfulness consultant, keynote speaker and author of international bestsellers ‘Mindfulness for Dummies’ and ‘Relaxation for Dummies’. He will be running Private Therapy Clinics at Aldgate, Euston, Liverpool St., Victoria, Old St.....

07 Nov 2011

Welcome To Private Therapy Clinic

By    -  Our team includes HCPC-registered psychologists, BABCP-accredited.

Private Therapy Clinic Director Dr Becky Spelman....

05 Dec 2009

Anna Sagreou

By    -  Counselling Psychologist, Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapist & Mindfulness Consultant

Therapist introduction video, Anna Sagredou, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Counselling Psychologist....