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How it Works In 4 simple steps

  • Step 1. Call us or book here and speak to one of our Therapists about what you would like help with. We’ll recommend the most suitable approach and therapist for you. (If you want to start right away you can skip straight to step 2).
  • Step 2. Book and attend your initial therapy appointment. View our availability here.
  • Step 3. Attend for at least 6 sessions (deeper rooted issues take longer).
  • Step 4. Review your treatment goals and decide whether you wish to continue therapy or if your goal is complete.FEEL HAPPIER, MORE FULFILLED AND A BETTER VERSION OF YOU.


We provide the highest quality service which includes:

    ✔ Free initial phone consultation with a Psychological Therapist.
    ✔ All practitioners offer at least two evidence based approaches.
    ✔ Free session with another practitioner if you aren't happy with the first therapist.
    ✔ Practitioners with a minimum of 7 years post qualification experience.
    ✔ Same day and evening appointments available.
    ✔ Run by well known TV Psychologist Dr Becky Spelman.
    ✔ Instance access to our practitioners availability online.
    ✔ Contact us 24/7 by phone, email, Skype, text, Whatsapp, FaceTime or instant chat.
    ✔ Confidential service.
A to Z of The Issues We Treat
  • 18 Aug 2018

    Why do so many people love Sad Music?

    Much of the world’s best-loved music is sad, even tragic, in nature. Themes of heartbreak, loss, anxiety, and angst are recurrent in music across all genres, from the frothiest pop to the most serious classical music or opera......

  • 13 Aug 2018

    Does the Long Summer Holiday Make Things Tougher for Less Affluent Children?

    It’s no secret that educational outcomes are very unequal for young people in our society. The reasons why are complex. Some people are naturally more academically gifted than others. Some find it easier to sit still and pay attention in class......

  • 10 Aug 2018

    Why are People Attracted to Visiting Caves?

    This month, the world gave a collective sigh of relief when a group of young boys and their football coach were saved, amid great danger, from the deep cave in which they had been stranded for days. Saving the boys was an expensive and dangerous operation, and one diver lost his life in the process......

  • 06 Aug 2018

    Can Adults be ‘Fussy Eaters’ and What Should be Done About it?

    We’ve all heard hassled parents of young children bemoaning fussy eating and wondering what to do about a child who doesn’t seem to want to eat more than one or two things. The reality is that most kids who are fussy eaters will grow out of it. But what is to be done about adults who display the.....

  • 04 Aug 2018

    Is there such a thing as a ‘man’s brain’ or a ‘woman’s brain'?

    For generations, people have been discussing the cognitive differences, or lack thereof, between women and men. For many years, under patriarchal social systems, the received wisdom was that men and women thought in quantitatively different ways and, quite simply, that men had naturally greater inte.....



  • 27 Jul 2018

    Dr Alexandra Chrysagi - Counselling Psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic

    Dr Alexandra Chrysagi is a highly skilled Psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic, she specialised in trauma, borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression......

  • 27 Jul 2018

    Dr Nick Earley Clinical Psychologist

    In this video Dr Nick Earley Clinical Psychologist introduces himself and discusses the type of therapy he offered and what difficulties he can treat. Dr Nick is located at the Bank branch of Private Therapy Clinic London......

  • 27 Jul 2018

    Dr. Shirin Shams - Counselling Psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic

    Dr. Shirin Shams is a Counselling Psychologist at Private Therapy Clinic. In this video she gives an introduction to what she works with and how she works. Dr. Shirin works with anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties as well as many other common mental health problems......

  • 27 Jul 2018

    Dr. Matthew Sawa - Consultant Psychiatrist at Private Therapy Clinic

    Dr Matthew Sawa is Consultant Psychiatrist at Private Therapy Clinic. He works with a anxiety, stress, relationship, depression, psychosis, sexual abuse and carries our medico legal work to name just a few of the things he works with......

  • 04 Feb 2018

    Irrational fear of dying when falling asleep

    Poppy had an irrational fear of dying when trying to fall asleep, this anxiety issue involves all sorts of catastrophic thoughts for Poppy. Poppy attended 7 sessions of CBT with Psychologist Dr. Daniela Rossi in order to tackle and overcome her fear. In this video Poppy explains her issues behind he.....