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Thursday, 09 Jul 2015

Sport and Our Vital Essence

By Private Therapy Clinic

Written by Sheila Mattera, Psychology Writer

Endorphins during the jogging with girlfriendWhen I go for a run, It doesn’t matter where I am, at the park, in the gym or on the road, every time I can feel all the negativity coming out of my body. All the anger, the stress of this frenetic life which is always focused on working and not on my wellbeing , all the anxiety and worries about silly things, pass through my body and leave me. I feel I own my body again, I enter into contact with the real part of me and I am born again a little each time I do it . It is a private moment where I don’t need to show to other people who I am, it is a little space where I don’t need to appear someone else, just be myself.

Everybody is aware of the relationship between physical activity and health, scientific evidence has showed how much physical activity can help us lead healthier lives.

From a neurological point of view international research has showed how sports produce positive effects not only on our general wellbeing, but also on our neurological system.

In particular there is good scientific evidence that sport is effective for reducing the risk of memory loss. Whatever your age, the greater variety of different sports you able to practise , the more your neurological system will be stimulated. Some activities like tennis, swimming or running are very important for oculomotor coordination and can develop your proprioceptive capabilities. Others, such as riding a bicycle or skiing, improve your ability to balance. Aerobic activities can help stop the brain ageing , generating a new production of hippocampus cells which are very important and not only for your memory.

Some theories agree that physical activity has a big role in channelling emotions, in particular aggressiveness because it facilitates the discharge of built up emotions. Practicing sports helps an individual to manage and control his/her emotions. Experts point out on the importance of sport in the childhood and adolescence because it also can help to prevent emotional imbalance.

Therefore physical activity can has a therapeutic function , it can also help to cure negative emotions such as apathy , restlessness or depression. In fact, it promotes muscles relaxation and a sense of the rhythm. It frees the deepest and the most natural vital instincts. If the activities are properly guided , it could help to rebuild self- esteem which is a typically deficient element in people experiencing depressive feelings.

Besides, sports practised outside in contact with the natural environment, gives us the benefit of developing an appreciation of nature and of seeing how we are part of the natural world.

Sport teaches us to be in harmony with life and to focus on the vital essence of ourselves.

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