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Wednesday, 01 Apr 2020

Spike in Sales of Sex toys Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

By Dr Becky Spelman
Sex Toys Sales Surge During Covid-19 Crisis | Private Therapy Clinic

For those who are single and looking for a new relationship, or who are open to hook-ups, now is definitely not a good time. We are all supposed to be observing the rules around social distance—which makes sex with someone who is not our long-term partner a no-no. That means that there are a lot of sexually frustrated individuals out there—and a big market for sex toys. Some of the most civic-minded people in our society, the ones who are actually avoiding encounters with others, are probably driving this spike in sales, and should be applauded.

There something comforting about self-pleasure in times of uncertainty. We know that sexual pleasure causes the body to release feel-good endorphins. These help the mind and the body to relax, and can contribute to a reduction in stress and anxiety. They also help to ground us in the moment, which is essential when we are going through uncertain times. An important key to coping with stress is living in the moment, and sexual activity absolutely helps with that.  

It’s healthy for people to take some time for self-pleasure or intimacy with a partner during the crisis. Taking care of our physical and our emotional needs is absolutely crucial during a crisis, and our sexual health and well-being are an important part of that. It can be difficult in stressful times to set aside time for our sexual needs, and nobody should feel under pressure to perform sexually when they are not in the mood for it, but spending intimate time together with our partner during stressful periods can help you both to unwind, relax, and deal with the challenges that you are facing. 

There are many benefits of doing so for your mind. Sexual intimacy, whether shared with another or a solo enterprise, can aid relaxation, foster better sleeping patterns, reduce stress and anxiety, and help to ground the person in question. Intimate behaviours with our partner can help to foster a sense of togetherness and mutual care and love that is extremely beneficial at all times, but especially when confronting a crisis. Of course, it should go without saying that all and any sexual activity should absolutely be mutually decided upon; nobody should feel pressured to have intimate relations unless they want to, crisis or no crisis. 

The current times are triggering a whole rollercoaster of emotions for people so don’t be surprised if your sex drive has changed considerably. If your sex drive has increased considerably you can just enjoy this as long as it’s not causing any problems in your everyday life. The benefit of technology in this day and age is that there are some really advanced sex toys on the market, the brands We-Vibe and Womanizer have particularly advanced sex toys, with We-Vibe having the most advanced (and powerful) cordless massager ever — with playful attachments and Womanizer offering Liberty which is one of their many vibrators with a Pleasant suction and gentle massaging air waves which lead to a completely new kind of orgasmic experience. 

About the author:

Dr Becky Spelman is a leading UK Psychologist who’s had great success helping her clients manage and overcome a multitude of mental illnesses.

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