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Sunday, 30 Sep 2018

How to be Successful on Social Media without it Affecting your Mental Health

By Private Therapy Clinic

In this video Dr Becky Spelman discusses how social media can affect people mental health and offers advice about how to stay successful online without social media affecting your psychological health. If you would like more advice on how to prevent burnout as an influencer whether you are already successful online or just starting out, feel free to get in touch.

Video Transcript

I’m Dr Becky Spelman, and this video is about how to manage being successful on social media, achieving success on social media without it impacting your mental health. And the reason I’m talking about this topic is mental health issues among people who spend too much time on social media is really common. This is even talked about by many YouTubers. Often, YouTubers have been posting for a long time and have gained great success online also talk about burnout or being on this treadmill where they feel they have to keep going and they can’t stop and they can’t miss any of their schedules because they would lose their success. Social media can really be consuming and people can really get reeled into it in a way that they’re spending far too much time online. As a result, they experience a lot more anxiety, worry and then low mood as a result of being caught up in this process.

My advice to people: If you want to be successful online, if you are an influencer of some shape or form is of course you need to continue posting. You need to see this as a work task where you’re being quite structured. Set list, set goals set targets but don’t go beyond that.

For example, if you’ve made a video and you know you need to go online to post that, then make sure that you get your tasks done but once it’s done, then take yourself away. Come offline, and don’t get caught up in the excessive checking that can be involved in social media. It is this compulsive urge that a lot of people feel where they posted something, they want to see how many views it’s got, how many likes when actually, it really doesn’t matter all that much. The people can be very obsessed with what other people think of what they’ve posted and how many likes they’re getting.

What I would say to people: if you are posting regularly because that’s part of your job or part of your aspiring career, then post the content and then step away so that you can start to see things a little different and start to see that actually, the number of views don’t really matter and the number of likes don’t really matter. If you are passionate about creating content for the sake of creating content, then who really cares about the response? Then come back to at a later time. Set a schedule to respond to the comments. This might be something like 30 minutes a day or an hour a day max. If there is negative comments, I would say try to just ignore those ones and move on to positive comments, the wins that are more helpful, productive and encouraging to what you’re doing.

Also, I would say that you may need to block people if they’re being very negative towards you. Also, try to move on from the negative comments quite quickly and not seeing it as something about negative about you but more actually saying a lot more about the person who’s posted that comment in the first place.

Write things down, and be really clear about your objectives online, your schedule online and how much time you are actually going to allow yourself to spend on time. The most successful and effective way or the most effective way to be successful online is to spend as much time as possible offline.

I hope you found this video helpful. If you want to see more of my videos, you can subscribe. After you’ve subscribed, there’s a bell icon which you can click. This will notify you when I’ve made more videos. If you’ve got any comments, please leave them below and you can get in touch directly via my website.


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