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Sunday, 20 Dec 2015

December Newsletter

By Private Therapy Clinic

From the Team at The Private Therapy Clinic


As we get closer to the end of another year, it’s once again time to reflect on what’s been happening at the clinic, and then swiftly turn our heads towards the Christmas break. We wish everybody a wonderful Christmas holiday and a happy new year. And don’t forget those resolutions!

An Update: Dr Becky Spelman

Twitter: @DrBeckySpelman

3c3d020b-feda-44a5-ae3a-b7e6cd032a4fIt’s been a busy month for Dr Becky Spelman with a number of media appearances and the publication of a brand new help video.

Channel 5’s ‘The Saturday Show’

Dr Spelman featured on the programme talking about how those affected by the Paris attacks can deal with related anxiety.

OCD & Spotting Intrusive Thoughts

A new video was released which focuses on OCD and dealing with intrusive thoughts. A new video was released which focuses on OCD and dealing with intrusive thoughts. View this video at the bottom of this page.

Brand Spokesperson for Simon Jersey

This month, Dr Spelman has been working with uniform provider Simon Jersey as spokesperson for their research into the psychology of paying gratuities in restaurants, hotels etc. Dr Spelman’s spoke on various radio stations around the UK today regarding the Psychology of tipping. You can see more on this topic by video Dr Spelman’s video on the psychology of tipping here:

Link to Video: The Psychology of Tipping and Gratuities

Appearance in The Independent

The Independent newspaper have an upcoming feature about how Dr Spelman reached her current position.

Spokesperson for We-Vibe

Talking about relationships and sex, Dr Spelman has been working as a spokesperson for the We-Vibe brand.

This Month’s Featured Therapist: Anna Sagredou

OCD Expert :: View Anna’s Profile: Here

I began working with OCD in an IAPT service in London and then became one of the therapists in the National OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder Service. Following this experience I worked with those with OCD in primary care and in the last 8 months my interest in OCD has led to me working in the Obsessional Disorders department at the Priory hospital in London where some patients require inpatient care.

My area of interest and specialism is OCD, but not only the commonly understood type of OCD that involves excessive washing and cleanliness, but also patients who present with other forms of OCD such as:

  • Those who perform excessive ‘checking’ to the point that it becomes incapacitating
  • Those who require symmetry in the objects around them
  • Those who experience intrusive thoughts and experience a compulsion in order to avoid a catastrophe
  • Those who experience a compulsion to reach an unreachable perfection
  • Those who hoard belongings with the fear that they will need it again

I have found that even though some patients required inpatient care and OCD incapacitates them to the point that they require 24 hours care, treatments can be effective and promising. Those who are not being treated as an inpatient can find improvement by just coming to the sessions.

Some people have a history of OCD that they wish to get under control and can do that with treatment.

You can view Anna’s profile here: Anna Sagredou

Clinic Update

We now have two additional therapists trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing) at the clinic which now brings the total number of trained therapists in this area to four.

EDMR Can Help With

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Weight Loss
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Low Self-esteem

Find Out More by Visiting the Clinic’s Website

Our EDMR Information Page

December’s Topic & Tips

How to tell if your thoughts are OCD-related intrusive thoughts or something you should be more worried about.

Click Here to View the Short Video