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Saturday, 02 May 2020

4 Ways to Meet Your Emotional Needs During Lockdown

By Dr Becky Spelman
Meeting Emotional Needs During Lockdown | Private Therapy Clinic

Knowing what your needs are is essential if you want to navigate the lockdown in the easiest way possible. You need to understand what makes you tick. But more than that, you need to learn how to adapt. With the way the world is operating at the moment, you can’t go to your usual sources to maintain your emotional health. At present, there are several models that layout our fundamental needs – with Maslow’s hierarchy being the most commonly referenced. But in the times we’re facing now, it doesn’t quite communicate the full picture. Things change. It’s still largely relevant, but a few minor tweaks are needed to make fit the context of lockdown. A revised list would include security, fulfilment, growth, connection and contribution.

  1. Keep Up to Date with Current Information as The Situation Changes

A lot has been made of the need to abstain from mainstream media to alleviate stress and anxiety. This remains the case. But information still represents a certain amount of security. Knowing what’s going on can help you plan for any upcoming changes that are going to take place. You’d feel far less secure if there was a martial lockdown and was left without adequate supplies. Knowledge is power, and security comes from eliminating the avoidance of doubt and any uncertainty surrounding your circumstances.

  1. Find Activities That Engage Your Intellect and Create Fulfilment

With the all the time you may now have on your hands – especially after an extended period of isolation – you may actually be eager to get back to work. If you’re one of the blessed few whose work is their passion, the quarantine period could be extremely difficult on you. If you can’t continue your work from home, then the next best thing is to find something that kind bring you a similar kind of fulfilment. If your days are filled with nothing but Netflix, you’ll eventually reach a state fatigue and yearn to do something of value. Why not start, now?

  1. Commit to Learning Something New That Will Help You Grow as a Person

One of the biggest roadblocks you might be faced with is stagnation. Now that the novelty of being home from work is wearing thin, life has come to a stand-still. As much as our professions can be difficult at times, it’s one that we relish. They’re growth experiences. But you can still exercise that muscle in your own time. Challenge yourself. Pick up a book on self-improvement, do a short online course or read an engaging blog. Your growth doesn’t need to stop just because your normal routine has been altered. You can create your own growth experiences.

  1. Stay Connected with Those Who Matter Most to You

Community is a vital component of any person’s emotional wellbeing. We’re social creatures by nature. Now that we’re living under restriction, the world has become a much more a lonely place. Social distancing may be a necessity, but people are finding creative ways to get around it. Neighbours have removed fence panels to talk at a distance, and others have organised doorstep activities at specific times each day. If you’re not fortunate enough to be part of a community where this is possible, social media and ability to video call is also a great way to enjoy face-to-face communication.

About the author:

Dr Becky Spelman is a leading UK Psychologist who’s had great success helping her clients manage and overcome a multitude of mental illnesses.

***If you’re struggling with emotional difficulties during the COVID-19 outbreak and think you might benefit from speaking to someone, we offer a FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION with one of our specialists to help you find the best way to move forward. You can book yours here.



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