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Thursday, 12 Oct 2017

Why changing your thought processes can have a big impact on your life

By Private Therapy Clinic

How to change your thought process - Private Therapy ClinicHow we think about situations has a huge impact on how we react and move past things. It can be easy to fall into a negative thought cycle, stopping us from living fulfilling and satisfying lives. But there are ways that you can break these adverse thoughts that we have fallen into.

Negative thought patterns are a common symptom of many issues that you may be struggling with. From those with self-esteem problems to those that are affected by mental disorders, how you feel about things affects your ability to go about daily routines. Once you’ve fallen into a pattern of negative thoughts, it can seem impossible to overcome them and break the habit. By focusing on the negative, people often find it difficult to progress forward and look to the future, instead focusing on the past and the potential things that could go wrong.

Negative thoughts can influence all areas of your life, from friendships to building a career. As a result, addressing this common behaviour can have a far reaching positive impact.

How can I change my thought processes?

The first step to change your thought process is recognising that it’s an issue for you, allowing you to seek effective treatment tailored to your main concerns.

As experts in delivering cognitive behavioural therapy, we’ve worked with a wide range of people to change the way they behaviour, including their thought processes. We use a range of techniques adapted to the challenges you’re facing to eliminate negative self-talk and break unhelpful behavioural patterns, leading to a more optimistic outlook. Among the thing you can do to change your thought processes are:

Use positive affirmations. Rather than thinking ‘I can’t’ think about how you’re going to overcome the difficulties you’ll face.
Count your blessings. Don’t forget to look at those things you take for granted but should appreciate by looking at the things that have gone wring instead.
Learn to draw a line under past mistakes. It’s easy to dwell on things you’ve done in the past but to move forward you need to recognise that there’s nothing you can do now.
Take time for yourself. Whether it’s mediating or taking part in exercise, make time for yourself every day, helping you to feel to more refreshed and positive.
Seek the help of a professional. If your thought processes are negatively affecting your life, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed or weary of seeking support. It could help you identify the processes that work best for you.

Who can I speak to further about changing my thought process?

For help with changing your thought process discussed in this article speak to one of our therapists here at the Private Therapy Clinic for a free chat.

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