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Thursday, 21 Sep 2017

How Does Social Media Affect Relationships?

By Private Therapy Clinic

social media affect relationshipsWe can credit social media with a lot of things and most of them are positive. As a social media user myself, I am more than aware of the enjoyment and fun that we, as users, get out of it and a lot of this stems from gaining validation through likes and comments. After all, who doesn’t enjoy scrolling through Twitter and keeping up to date with friends on Facebook? However, there’s an ongoing question as to whether social media negatively affects relationships; this isn’t just romantic relationships and marriages, many people argue that social media has negatively impacted a friendship or family bond. So, I’ve taken a look at how does social media affect relationships; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Creating Distrust

Almost all social media platforms have a way for users to message each other privately through directing messaging or a separate messenger app; this can lead to distrust in a relationship. Though a significant other may merely be messaging friends, there’s no way for their partner to know who they are talking to and what they are saying. In fact, a large percentage of people admit to snooping through someone else’s private messages. This is a form of distrust that would not be present without social media.

Causing Jealousy

Jealousy is an emotion most people often suffer with and it’s only heightened by social media. Usually, knowing someone is spending time with another friend is okay as it’s not something you see or are part of. However, with social media this is often plastered across social media in the form of photos, statuses and comments; it can be a reminder of them spending time with someone other than you. Seeing a close friend or partner interacting with someone else on social media can provoke feelings of jealousy.

Meeting People

Despite the ways that social media can cause rifts in relationships, it has also opened up an entire world of meeting people online. More people than ever are meeting partners on social media and it has become a great way to make friends, especially for those who struggle to do so otherwise.

Though it can be argued that social media affect relationships if people let it, this isn’t the case for all. It’s actually one of the top ways to create long lasting romantic relationships, friendships and even marriages.

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