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Friday, 12 Feb 2016

4 Things to Celebrate and Enjoy On Your Commute

By Private Therapy Clinic
Things to Celebrate On Your Commute | Private Therapy Clinic

Trains timetable.

It’s quite natural to think about the commute into work as a banal, routine and unenviable part of the day in which you have the privilege of occupying the same space as hundreds of other people who feel exactly the same way you do. But this is still your time, you’re still free to make the most of it and if you’re really up for a challenge, you’re free to enjoy your commute.

If you travel using public transport, there are so many things you do between home and work that affect how you feel once you arrive at the other end, but here are four things you should think about refining or at the very least be giving yourself and pat on the back for doing every weekday.

1. Leaving Your Home on the Morning

Closing the front door behind you and taking that first gulp of the outside world is a big step. By doing this, you’ve accepted that today you will be going to work, you will not be calling in sick. To even get to the point where you can close the door behind you, think of all the hard work you’ve done so far. You’ve rolled out of bed, probably washed, performed your grooming rituals and if you’re lucky, prepared a bowl of cereal or some toast and successfully not burned the house down. How can this not be considered a huge success?!

2. Talking to Somebody

It may be a quick ‘hello, how are you’ the man who walks his dog each morning, it could be the girl on the ticket barrier at Paddington who asks how your journey was. Talking to people can give us a boost in a world that feels lonelier and lonelier around every corner you turn. We’re social creatures and even though it’s nigh on criminal to spark up a conversation on the Northern Line, a shared smile can really add a little bit of sunshine to your day.

3. Buy A Newspaper

(…or see the news on your smartphone) Catching up with what’s going on in the world today can give you food for thought and something to talk about later in the day. A knowledge of current affairs is a great tool when trying to create a rapport with somebody. Taking an interest in the news can take your mind off the boring parts of the journey and will distract you from the small tear in the jacket of the person sitting in front of you. Contrary to your heartfelt beliefs, the tear probably isn’t there just to annoy you, but a change in Bank of England interest rates can take your mind off it.

4. Have a Snack

A small snack and something to keep you hydrated, especially in the summer, is essential. Commuting doesn’t lend itself to being comfortable and even more so when you’re hungry or thirsty. A small bottle of water and some grapes can make all the difference.

Having a little snack also becomes something you look forward to in the commute. Knowing that about halfway through your journey you can treat yourself can give you that motivation you need to not launch into a full tirade at the person next to you who feels it’s appropriate to talk at normal volume about various bodily functions when all you want to do read your book.

So many of us commute nowadays, we must get to a position where we’re taking advantage of the time getting to work and returning home!

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