Fear of Dying While Falling Asleep - 1st session at Private Therapy Clinic
Sunday, 02 Dec 2018

Fear of dying while falling asleep - 1st session at Private Therapy Clinic

By Private Therapy Clinic

In this video Poppy talks about her first session with Dr Daniela Rossi at Private Therapy Clinic. Poppy has come to therapy to treat her anxiety disorder which was a fear of dying while falling asleep. Poppy is offered CBT to help her overcome her fear. This video discusses what happens in Poppys first session (the assessment session).

If you’d like an assessment session like Poppy’s, please call for an initial consultation.

Video Transcript

“Hi. I’ll be talking to you about my first session with Dr. Daniella Rossi. So immediately, when I got there, I felt quite at ease within the first couple of minutes because she was so lovely and kind and friendly. So that was really nice because I’ve been to a lot of places before where you just don’t feel comfortable with the person so then, it’s quite difficult to explain quite difficult things to them. But so that was really nice because I knew I’d be relaxed and be able to speak to her openly. So we first started by going back to when, the time when my anxiety first started and what was going on then, what stressors may contribute to the fact that it started such as family life, relationships, my university work, other stressing situations which have contributed to it and then I worked around some family life, family history because I worry about my health a lot so I was just trying to see where that came from and what, if my family had some issues with their health. Maybe that’s why I also worry a bit. It was nice making a mental map of my anxiety as well so that I could kind of relate everything to each other and see how it came about and how I could work on each section to move forward. So I’m really looking forward to the next session with her because she was really kind and really helpful, and I feel very positive about it. Thank you.”

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