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Friday, 24 Nov 2017

Dr Kannika Sukantara Psychologist in Bangkok

By Private Therapy Clinic

Dr Kannika Sukantara is a highly experienced Chartered Psychologist specialising in the relationship between physical health and mental and emotional well-being. Dr Kannika works for Private Therapy Clinic in Bangkok.


“I used to work as medical secretary and research psychologist at the Hammersmith hospital back in the 90s, I came across many patients with physical illness and realised that the psychological respond to illness plays important role, not only survival but also quality of life.

I grew interest in psychological well-being in people and their behaviour and that’s what drove me to become a psychologist. My background is in psychological medicine, I specialise in the relationships between physical health, mental and emotional well-being. I help patients with emotional difficulties from anxiety, depression, post mental stress and complex trauma.

I treat patients across cultures and backgrounds from adult, adolescence and couples, either by face-to-face or internet communications where they can be their own environment. When you first to see me, it is important that we establish that rapport and that important you that you feel that I understand your problem but most of all that you feel comfortable with me. We then explore your difficulties through patterns of thinking and coping strategies, we then develop an approach to suit individual need coping style and inner strength. We then find a consensual set of goals to help you to establish the timeline for your treatment. I employ evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy which is good for anxiety and depression; psychodynamic therapy which is for deeper issue and EMDR for trauma and PTSD, I also employ couple therapy for relationship difficulties and also integrate different approach to help with my treatment.

As practicing and learning is very important, in our subconscious mind we discover new things everyday about our self and the world around us, I learn from my patients as they are my greatest teacher. When someone responds to my guidance it is a wonderful feeling but along the way they have been an equal partners to find a solution even if they aren’t aware of that.”

Who can I speak to further about Dr Kannika Sukantara?

If you’d like to speak to our team about Dr Kannika Sukantara, please feel free to speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic who can discuss the matter further.

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