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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Can you learn to be happy?

By Private Therapy Clinic

happyOne question that probably most people have is “How can one find long lasting happiness?” A single answer to this question is yet to be found. This is logical, since if we knew everyone around the world would live the perfect life without any disappointments. But this gladly does not exist, since even the drawbacks can have positive outcomes.

Being dissatisfied with your work can motivate you to try harder in order to succeed. Therefore what can be said with certainty is that we should find the joy and happiness in whatever we do. This is seen in people who may be less privileged than others, still manage to find the strength to smile, never give up and be happy with what they have.

How can this be possible? It is because they have found the means to cherish the things that they have in the present and not base their actions in what they can achieve in the future. Of course setting goals is important, but one should not live an unhappy life in the present in order to be happier in the future.

An inspiring book written by Tal Ben-Shahar, called “Can you learn to be happy?” describes one type of person known as the “Rat-Race Archetype” in which the person sacrifices present happiness to attain future happiness. This type of person believes that in order to attain a future goal one must deprive him from present happiness. While reading this description, one may feel as if his whole life has been written in 3 paragraphs and identify those claims with his own life style.

To demonstrate this further, one may think that although not going out in order to study is something dislikable; this would be the key to future success and for example acceptance to college. Even though it is crucial for someone to set goals he should not evolve all of his actions based on that attainment but keep in mind that he should engage in activities that will make him both present and future happy rather than present or future happy.

A way that this can be tested is by motivating yourself to wake up and say ‘this is going to be a great day for me. Good things are going to happen’. Always keep a smile on your face and without realizing it your whole day will change for the better. Do not think of the difficulties in life. Focus on the positive aspects and by doing so you will attract people and circumstances in your life, which will be more self-rewarding.

Behavior can affect attitude. This has been scientifically tested and it has been shown that when people smile they activate their ‘happy face’ muscles and tend to find circumstances funnier than when their ‘happy’ muscles are not activated. Because one is already smiling it is easier to elicit a similar physiological response, which consequently will impact your emotional state and thus your attitude. So next time you feel sad, activate your ‘happy’ face muscles and your day may become even better.

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