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Wednesday, 19 Aug 2015

4 Signs that Your Job Could be Negatively Affecting Your Mental Health

By Private Therapy Clinic

depressedFor many of us, our work is our life and for those of us who check our emails before breakfast, it often feels like the sole purpose of existing is to shorten the to-do list. But being busy and becoming tarred with the workaholic brush doesn’t necessarily mean your work is having a negative impact on your mental health. That can happen regardless of position, responsibility and attitude.

Even if you wouldn’t consider your work demanding but still feel intense pressure, displeasure or stress, we all need to be looking out for these red flags.

  1. Every morning is a struggle

Your alarm clock goes off and a feeling of dread/anxiety overcomes you. Unsurprisingly this is a clear sign that there’s a problem.

It’s entirely normal to wake up on the morning of a big presentation feeling anxious, but when it’s every morning and simply based on the fact that you’re going into work today, it’s time to seek help.

Whilst leaving your current job may solve the immediate issue, is it possible that doing the same job at a different company could lead to the same anxiety. It’s always worth seeking advice before making big decisions.

  1. Your physical health is inexplicably deteriorating

Your mental and physical health is inseparable. Some mental illnesses can manifest as physical conditions and co-exist.

If you’ve noticed that you feel under the weather a bit more or you just can’t shake a cold like you normally can, this can be a warning sign. It’s time to pay more attention to yourself.

  1. You don’t have a life outside work

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. With many of us putting in long hours routinely it’s easy to get yourself into the mindset that your work is all you are and it defines you. This blog post isn’t here to tell you that that’s wrong, but it is worth having a good think about whether you could improve your work productivity by having some time away from your email inbox.

  1. Inability to motivate yourself

We all lack motivation at times, but if there comes a point where this becomes persistent and really interferes significantly with routine daily tasks, there could be a problem.

Motivation is the subject of numerous posts across the web and there are many ways to improve it. This can however be a temporary band aid and addressing the root cause with professional help, you’ll probably be doing yourself a lot more favours.

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