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Friday, 18 Nov 2016

What is Compassion Focussed Therapy?

By Dr Becky Spelman


What is Compassion Focussed Therapy?

Compassion Focussed Therapy combines Cognitive Behavioural Therapy with knowledge from fields that include neuroscience and an understanding of our evolutionary past to help patients enhance their ability to feel compassion towards themselves and others. Often, we hold ourselves back from achieving as much as we could by expressing negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, or damage our capacity to form positive friendships with others when we find ourselves unable to think of them compassionately. By learning how to treat everyone with more compassion, our skills of empathy are developed, and negative cycles of criticism and recrimination can be broken. By understanding ourselves better, we also learn how to understand others more. Compassion Focussed Therapy is especially useful for people who are self-critical and tend to experience strong negative emotions.


Who can I speak to further about compassion focussed therapy?

For help with the issues discussed in this article speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic for a free chat.

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