Group Psychotherapy Programme | Private Therapy Clinic
Reviewed by Dr. Becky Spelman on 04/11/2014

Lead by Our Practitioners Dr Alexandra Chrysagi and Tara McCloskey

The DBT group psychotherapy programme is available throughout the year offered in various modules.

This series of group sessions take place over an 6 week period (90 minutes per session) and is limited to 8 clients per group. Clients register for the module and complete 6 weeks modules at a time before moving on to the next module.

In the first instance, an initial 1 hour (50 minutes) assessment takes place with one of our programme Practitioners. The assessment allows for discussion of your current concerns, needs, future goals and the structure of the DBT group psychotherapy programme itself.

Where the group sessions are seen as suitable to your needs, availability and requirements, registration is then made to join the next module of the group that is being offered. Once accepted on the program you can start when the next module is being offered, you can attend for one module or all 4 modules.

The group sessions are designed for you to be supported in dealing with current issues whilst helping you progress to achieving full health and wellbeing.

The Modules are.

Module 1: Foundation Skills

Stage 2: Distress Tolerance

Stage 3: Emotional regulation

Stage 4: Interpersonal relationships

The group is designed to help you become emotionally healthy and attract situations, people and relationships that are healthy. The group therapists will teach you strategies which will help decrease previous ‘symptoms’ of unease that you have experienced  and as a result you will notice behavioural change and a change in your physical responses, you will also learn assert yourself much better.

The effectiveness of the programme is assessed after each module using psychometric testing in order to measure your personal achievements.

Group members come for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to;

All individuals are welcome to apply for the group.

Our Practitioners are happy to discuss the programme with you ahead of an assessment application. This can take place via a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

For fees and more information about out DBT group visit this page.