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Lead by Our Practitioners

The group psychotherapy programme is available termly throughout the year.

September- October
February – March
May – June

This series of group sessions take place over an 8 week period (2 consecutive hours per week) and is limited to 8 clients per group. Clients register for the term and complete weeks 1-8 of the programme.

In the first instance, an initial 2 hour (100 minutes) assessment takes place with one of our programme Practitioners. The assessment allows for discussion of your current concerns, needs, future goals and the structure of the group psychotherapy programme itself.

Where the group sessions are seen as suitable to your needs, availability and requirements, registration is then made for a given term.

The group sessions are designed for you to be supported in dealing with current issues whilst challenging how these block progression to achieving full health and wellbeing.

There is a five part process to the term.

Stage 1: begins with identifying how your practiced ways of being (behaviours) are affecting mood, relationships and your overall life success. Here, success is defined by you as an individual. For some people, success means emotional security and healthy, progressive relationships in both work and personal life. For others success is about financial stabilit. The group term aims to guide you to success in your chosen area.

Stage 2: is psychological education. This is defining what emotions are; what they represent, are designed to do and where they can be experienced in place of another feeling often out of conscious awareness. The psychological education phase allows for the costs and consequences of behaviours to become clearly visible.

Stage 3: is to understand why you’ve learned current behaviours and how these have been cultivated across time.

Stage 4: is to understand why you’ve learned current behaviours and how these have been cultivated across time.

Stage 5: is learning new, more gratifying ways of relating with others; asking directly for what we want and developing maintainable self-esteem, self-regard, emotional security and emotional health.

Those who are emotionally healthy are by demonstration those who attract situations, people and relationships that are healthy. The previous ‘symptoms’ of unease are no longer relevant or required. Our bodies and behaviour no longer need to speak for us when we take control of asserting our voices instead.

The effectiveness of the programme is assessed throughout the term using group psychotherapy – specific research tools in order to measure personal achievement in meeting set aims.

All are welcome to apply.

Group members come for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to;

As with interest in individual, couple and organisational session packages, our Practitioners are happy to discuss the programme with you ahead of an assessment application. This can take place via a free 15 minute face-to-face, telephone or skype consultation.

Assessment sessions – Free for the one hour with a programme practitioner.
Group Psychotherapy Term- £1,600.

For further information, please contact 020 81507563  or