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Wednesday, 04 Oct 2017

Child psychologist Tamara Musso Introduction Video

By Private Therapy Clinic

Transcription from child psychologist Tamara Musso:

“My name is Tamara Licht, I am a child and adult psychologist. I work for Private Therapy Clinic. My biggest area of expertise is working with children, teenagers and their parents. [er] usually treatment with children and teenagers involves working not only with the parents but sometimes it might be necessary, if the parents consent to it, to contact [er] other professionals, for example teachers, other psychologists, school psychologists, nurses or psychiatrists who might actually be relevant for the treatment to be successful.

Part of the treatment that I offer involves doing a lot of play therapy with children. Play therapy is the most natural way of a child [er] of expressing themselves and therefore is the most natural way to try to help them understand their emotions and their behaviours.

Depending on the age of the person coming to the service. We use also civity (not sure on what this word is) approach. Cognitive behaviour therapy for children is actually very successful, not complicated and it can be very easily introduced to a day-to-day routine. That also includes the practice of mindfulness [er] being in the here and now. That makes the child or the teenager be more aware of their emotions and their behaviour.

The most satisfying thing about my job is actually working with young er people and seeing them grow. [Er] When you actually see the potential that there is a child or teenager to overcome any difficulties that they are facing at the moment and knowing that whatever knowledge you possess can actually make a difference not only for them individually, but also for the family life.

I can work with a wide range of difficulties, ranging from behaviour leases such as tantrums, anger or difficulty following instructions and concentration.

Two more I wouldn’t say severe but maybe more alarming [erm] mental health issues for example anxiety, low mood, [er] bi polar disorders, schizophrenia. Some learning difficulties including Autism, Asperger’s and ADHD and any potential struggles that the family may be facing at a point in time for example separation, a divorce or grieving.

As a therapist I am very understanding and I am very flexible. I understand that when working with children and young people, and also when involving parents in the treatment, there are things that are quite unpredictable. A young person tends to be more unpredictable, they are still developing ways of coping with their emotions and their behaviours and being patient and growing also with the family and with the young person is something, that is for me, a requirement when I work with young people and families.”

Who can I speak to further about Child Psychologist Tamara Musso?

If you’d like to speak to our team about Tamara Musso, please feel free to speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic who can discuss the matter further.

Tamara Licht is also part of our child therapy service which we operate here at Private Therapy Clinic.

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