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Tanja Bozic

Tanja Bozic

Individuals, Families & Couples

QUALIFICATIONS :MSc Family and Couple Psychotherapy

Accreditation :UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Clinics at: :Harley St., Wigmore St., Bank, Skype and phone consultation

Fee :£130 - individuals
£170 - couples
£180 - families (3+)

Age Group :15 years old +

Languages :English, Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian

Health insurance registered with :VitalityHealth, Aetna Global Benefits, AXA PPP healthcare, AVIVA

Tanja Bozic is a UKCP Qualified Couple and Family Psychotherapist. She is one of 144 British Psychotherapists that hold the most prestigious award in the field, ECP Award (European Certificate of Psychotherapy). Tanja holds a Bed. in Psychology with Teaching and used to teach pupils of a primary school age range 7-14 years. She has held a teaching position for 11 years and works very well with children with different presentations and their parents.

Tanja acquired further training in Transactional Analysis to expand her knowledge and skills to offer her clients that are not couples and families a different approach, to best suit their treatment and requirements.

Additionally, she has trained for 2 years in Psychodrama, so her approach to psychotherapeutic work is integrative. Tanja has spent her time working in both a clinical setting “Institute of Mental Health”, and in the Private Practice sector, therefore has a wealth of knowledge in evidence-based work. Apart from children, and individual clients with a variety of presentations, she enjoys working with couples the most. Her expertise in Family Therapy is second to none.

Tanja can see clients with a wide range of psychotherapeutic needs. When referring to the wide range of mental health issues and the clients she has dealt with they can be differentiated into three groups. Some were classified as belonging to the Neurotic spectrum (mild Depression, Anxiety, Addictions), some belonged to the Psychosis in remission sector (Affective Bipolar, Schizophrenia) and some had different personality disorders and syndromes (Borderline, Narcissistic, Body Dysmorphic Syndrome), all of which received either psychotherapeutic only or combined treatments (medication and psychotherapeutic work). The central topics that Tanja has explored with her clients are: low confidence, low self-esteem, bereavement, post-divorce sadness, mood swings, sibling position, attachment theory and more. A significant proportion of her clients belong to the LGBTQ population.

Tanja Bozic has a contract with “TV Happy”, a main stream national television programme in Serbia. She has two 30 minutes slots on the morning channel as well as a 2 hour and 15 minutes slot in the afternoon which allows her to have a progressive approach to psychotherapy, refining her communication skills and understanding further.

Tanja is very warm, empathic, charismatic and open. She likes to incorporate a humorous approach as and when appropriate. She is valiant when addressing disparate topics and open to discuss a psychotherapeutic process and relationship with her clients. When beneficial for her clients she is very open to sharing personal content and she always adopts a neutral position, especially when working with couples and families. Tanja enjoys working co-therapeutically with colleagues and has a very positive outlook when receiving comments and guidance from her supervisor to further amplify her expertise.

Tanja Bozic prides herself in being able to provide a safe, secure and pleasant working relationship and environment, where non-judgemental and non-labelling conditions, allow her to explore any given presentation with her clients to achieve a positive change.

  • Anon

    Tanja made time for us even on the weekend when she wasn’t working and was very helpful in helping us identify if we have couples issue that we need to work on or personal issues that we need to work on. Very satisfied and grateful.

  • Anon

    Tanja Bozic is very empathy and professional. She introduces me a great book to read and gives some homeworks after the session, very helpful. Sessions with her were very helpful and life-changing.

  • Anon

    “I found the sessions with Tanja to be very useful in regards to been able to work through the underlying issues that were causing my health issues and also focus on behavioural techniques to mitigate stress and improve quality of sleep. I have found myself to be sleeping better since the sessions with Tanja and also for the most part my stress levels have been lower. I found Tanja very easy to work with and very professional throughout my sessions with her. She clearly understood how the events in my past continued to impact my mental health and applied behavioural strategies to mitigate and address the issues. I will be scheduling additional sessions with her when I make the transition from working at home with family to returning to the office over the coming months. “

  • Anon

    “My work with Tanja Bozic was life changing experience. From the first moment we met she displayed warm and emphatic approach, and I felt safe and secure . We explored many life events that have shaped up my current life position. The Private Therapy Clinic was very professional in all administrative dealings. I can honestly say that I am implementing all that Tanja has tough me, and I now live happier and healthier life. I can warmly recommend Tanja Bozic to future clients.”

  • Anon

    Tanja is very warm, empathic and professional. We have explored many topics in a safe and secure manner. I have come to realisations that have changed my life for the better.