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Thursday, 24 Aug 2017

The stages of surviving a relationship breakup

By Private Therapy Clinic

relationship breakupAny relationship breakup can be difficult to get over for both parties but sometimes dealing with it can have a long-lasting impact. Some people find that they’re left with low self-esteem and struggling to cope with the emotional pain. But the good news is that with the right health and support you can get through the common stages of a breakup.

Break-up grief is a normal occurrence and it’s perfectly ok to grieve over the loss of a relationship. Split down into five stages – denial, confusion, anger, sadness, and moving – surviving a breakup can seem more manageable. While there are stages to a breakup, it’s important to realise that no two reactions to the end of a relationship are the same and many people find themselves bouncing between stages rather than moving through them one at a time.

Denial – Even if the breakup of the relationship was anticipated it can still come as a surprise. For many people, they initially experience denial, believing it’s a change that can’t be happening to them. Breaking up with someone is a shock and you’re likely to have established patterns and behaviours, when you’re in denial you’ll often find that you’re waiting for them to resume rather than taking steps to move forward.

Confusion – One the initial shock has sunk in, the following stage of a relationship breakup is categorised by confusion. It’s a time that’s filled with intense emotion and you’ll often find you quickly jump from one to the next. One moment you’ll feel relief and then it’ll quickly be replaced by guilt. For some the confusion results in behaviour that’s more reckless than they would usually be so it’s a time when caution can be useful.

Anger – Anger is an understandable response following a breakup. Don’t feel guilty for your anger but find an effective way of channelling it rather than hurting others or yourself.

Sadness – Often once the anger has left what remains is sadness. You might find yourself feeling weepy at seemingly small things are struggling to find the motivation to keep going. It’s an important stage that shouldn’t be ignored but without addressing your feelings properly, it can lead to the low slump lasting too long and affecting your wellbeing.

Moving on – Once you’ve gotten through the bundle of emotions that follow a breakup, you’ll realise one day that you’re over the relationship and taking the next steps with your life.

Who can I speak to further about a relationship breakup?

For help with a relationship breakup please free feel to speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic.

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