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Sharmin Akhter

Sharmin Akhter

Counselling Psychologist in Training

Qualifications :

BSc Psychology Graduate from Queen Mary University of London,
Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology (in process)

Accreditation :Counselling Psychologist in training

Clinics at :5pm-9pm Wednesdays at Harley St., Skype & Telephone Consultation

Languages :English & Bengali

Fees :£80 - Individuals
£90 - Couples

Age Group :Children 6+
Older Adults

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About Sharmin:

Sharmin is a Psychological Counsellor and Counselling Psychologist in Training (DPsych) at The Private Therapy Clinic, with experience dealing with many disorders such as: Depression, Anxiety, Social Anxiety, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Phobias, and so forth. Sharmin primarily uses Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) techniques, which focuses on the here and now and looks at how our thoughts and emotions impact our behaviour. CBT contains evidence-based protocols, with many effective techniques such as guided discovery, homework and diary keeping. It has been widely researched and proven as an effective method of therapy against other leading therapeutic approaches, which can therefore provide improvements in just a few sessions.

Initial Assessment:

Sharmin will help you set a goal during the initial assessment and then devise a treatment plan in order to achieve this goal through a series of sessions. Her therapeutic stance is based on focusing on you, persistently motivating you, empowering you and working collaboratively with you to accomplish your therapeutic goals.

Outlook on therapy:

Due to everyone’s own individual differences, Sharmin understands that no one therapeutic approach fits all. Therefore, she will integrate appropriate techniques from other therapeutic approaches in order to tailor a treatment plan to each and every client. For example, although CBT is effective in reducing unhelpful behaviours in the here and now, it does not look at the root of the problem. In this case, Psychodynamic therapy can be useful as it is based on the idea that our childhood experiences have shaped how we think and behave in the present. Thus, coming to terms with our childhood experiences can assist in understanding our present behaviour. This in effect can reduce unhelpful behaviour that causes great deterioration in our mental well-being and quality of life. Therefore, with Sharmin as your therapist, you can be ensured that the therapy given is one that is tailored to you and your needs specifically.


Sharmin has worked in both private and public health care services exposing her to a vast range of disorders, varying in severity. She has also worked with clients from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Coming from an ethnic minority herself, Sharmin understands how cultural backgrounds can impact thoughts, emotions and in response, behaviours. Therefore, Sharmin believes that our cultural background should not be overlooked when planning a treatment plan. Being mindful of these aspects allows Sharmin to devise the most effective treatment plan taking into account different factors that could impact ones health and well being. She is also able to offer bilingual therapy in Bengali. Sharmin understands that the decision to undergo therapy is never an easy one; therefore she is committed to creating a comfortable setting for the client, by offering a safe, non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Education and Skills:

She is also determined to offer an efficient therapeutic experience by implementing up to date therapy techniques. The foundations of these techniques were acquired during her degree in Psychology at Queen Mary University, which belongs to the Russell Group for their excellence in research. Her therapeutic techniques arestrengthened through regular bi-weekly supervision sessions: with the Clinical Director and Registered Counseling Psychologist, Dr Rebecca Spelman and Psychodynamic Psychotherapist, Margery Parsons. 

Overall, Sharmin is a wholehearted, empathetic and sincere therapist who abides by the BPS and HCPC Counseling guidelines to help clients reach their goals for improved mental health and wellbeing.

Play therapy:

Children are unique and behave in their own way. However, there are times when they experience difficult feelings and or behaviours that can cause interference to their lives and their development.

As children are not able to articulate their thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as adults, Sharmin uses play therapy to help them to process these difficulties. She encourages children to use play therapy to communicate their thoughts and feelings. This works well because the children can use this therapy at their own level and their own pace, without feeling questioned or intimidated.

Sharmin provides a safe space for children to enact difficult or even traumatic life experiences to help them make sense of their experiences. It also helps to teach children to manage their conflicts more effectively. This effective therapy helps to reduce children’s anxiety levels, change certain behaviours and enhance the way they relate to others such as friends and family. Sharmin hasworked in a primary school, with children aged 5 to 11 years and using the therapeutic relationship she has helped them to process negative and even traumatic life experiences, leading to reduced levels of anxiety and depression.


  • Anon

    I would highly recommend The Private Therapy Clinic. Sharmin is very approachable and easy to talk with. After initially being sceptical about speaking with someone, visiting the PTC has helped me to think about why I drink excessively and what are the potential causes. This is something I have never previously considered.

  • Anon

    Sharmin was available at short notice after I returned back from working abroad in Sierra Leone. I found her easy to talk with and very approachable. I look forward to having further sessions with her in future

  • Anon

    From the very beginning Sharmin made me feel very at ease. She has a friendly and warm demeanor and she makes it very easy to open up. Sharmin is very welcoming and she has great ideas on how to relax and deal with anxiety.

  • Anon

    I couldn’t be more happier after going to this clinic and seeing Sharmin Akhter. She provided me with the support and techniques to help my wellbeing. Thank you for everything.

  • Anon

    Very thorough and attentive

  • Anon

    Very good first session, it was nice to find someone who put me at my ease and valued my opinions and experiences.

  • Anon

    My therapist Dr. Akhter was very personable and welcoming-I felt very comfortable opening up to her in my initial assessment.

  • Anon

    My first experience of counseling and Sharmin is lovely. She is very welcoming and made me feel at ease straight away. I left my first session feeling very positive and will be continuing to see Sharmin every week.

  • Anon

    The therapy session that I had with Sharmin Akhter was a positive experience and she made sure that i was comfortable through out. She provided me with much needed advice, guidance, and other good tips to help improve my mental health. In the beginning i was quite uneasy, but gradually as the session went on, i felt better able to talk about my problems. I recommend Sharmin because she is a lovely psychologist who is able to empathize and help break down problems into more manageable solutions.

  • Anon

    I met with Sharmin Akhter and I couldn’t be more happy with how my first meeting went. I was a bit nervous going to my first ever therapy session as I didn’t really know what to expect but I was warmly greeted and immediately felt comfortable. Sharmin was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and everything else you could ask for from a therapist. After just one meeting I already felt a million times better about my situation and booked my second meeting straight away. I look forward to future meetings and the progress that I know I will make.

  • Anon

    I went to see Sharmin at the private therapy clinic and had a really good experience. The atmosphere was very welcoming and made me feel very comfortable to be able to open up about some difficult situations. Thank you very much!

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