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by Dr. Becky Spelman on 20/08/2020

Common Issues we offer for Psychometric Testing

Among the common issues we offer psychometric testing for is autism spectrum disorder, depression, anxiety, ADHD and dyslexia. Our expert team are able to match your concerns and thoughts to the right test, whether it’s a cognitive or neurological test that’s needed. You can rely on our highly professional and experienced team to take the time to understand what you need and interpret the results.

Psychometric assessments measure psychological characteristics, including personality traits, behavioural styles, cognitive abilities, and motivations. They can support a range of conditions and allow effective treatment to be delivered.

Following your assessment, we can offer both verbal feedback and a written report for you to use. Whether you simply want a psychometric test completing for personal insight or to support medico legal purposes, such as immigration cases, personal injury, employment tribunals, educational issues, and child custody cases, we can deliver results that you can rely on. If you’re not sure which service you need, you can contact us today to start the process.

Among the psychometric testing we routinely offer are:

IQ and Cognitive Tests

We use best in industry tests to measure IQ and cognition. Helping us to identify a range of learning disabilities and other issues, the tests were developed to cover five primary index scores – verbal comprehension, visual spatial, fluid reasoning, working memory, and processing speed – and can be completed quickly. We offer two different tests the WISC for children aged between six and sixteen and the WAIS for those aged over 16 and above.


For children aged three and up our comprehensive neurological test, the NEPSY, provides us with invaluable insights into academic, social, and behavioural difficulties. Our experts are able to tailor the assessment to provide answers to specific concerns. The test was designed to assess a child’s ability to learn and be productive.


Autism spectrum disorder can be a condition that difficult to manage but with the right treatment and support children can continue to develop. We use that GARS psychometric test for children aged from three to adults of 22 to estimate and assess the severity of the disorder, allowing us to assess which treatment will best meet their needs.


For children aged between six and eighteen, we can also conduct the Conners 3rd Edition psychometric test for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), allowing children with this condition to be diagnosed and receive the additional help and understanding they need. This versatile test can also be used to address additional disorders, such as oppositional defiant disorder or conduct disorder.


We have access to a range of psychometric tests that are designed to identify dyslexia. Depending on age and circumstances, our professional team can use the highly regarded CoPS, LASS, or Rapid dyslexia test, to provide you with a reliable, comprehensive assessment.

Emotional Support Animal assessments

We are able to access individuals who rely on an emotional support animal to help with with psychological difficulties such as anxiety, depression or other issues and can provide a report stating the reason the animal is needed as service animal and how the pet helps with emotional support.

How can I or a relative undergo Psychometric testing?

If you would like to talk to someone about psychometric testing in London, please get in touch with us at the Private Therapy Clinic by telephone at +4402038820684 or book online.



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