Several of our Therapists that are seeing clients in person have now been vaccinated. In addition to offering in person appointments we are also seeing clients for online sessions via video call.
Thursday, 20 Jul 2017

Margery Parsons Psychodynamic Therapist at Private Therapy Clinic

By Margery Parsons

Margery Parsons is a Psychodynamic Therapist who consults at at Private Therapy Clinic. In this video she explains how she came to be a psychodynamic therapist in the first place, why she is so passionate about psychodynamic therapy and how psychodynamic therapy works. Margery helps individuals and couples with a whole range of issues, particularly deep routed problems.

“My name is Margery Parsons, I’m a Psychotherapist and I work at Private Therapy Clinic.

I decided to become a Psychotherapist when I was in therapy myself and actually I was with a very good therapist and she put me into a psychodynamic group. I realised in the group that I was very empathic and I really enjoyed helping people so I was sort of born there.

My biggest area of expertise is to help people with depression and anxiety and I’m trained psychodynamically, so I approach depression as unique to the individual. Although I’m an expert at depression, I believe people come to depression in their own unique way, so I get them to open up their feelings, something from the past or something their experiencing right now in a relationship or at work, so basically I help them to validate their own feelings.

I find that depression donates a lack of connection in a significant other, and so to validate feelings of loneliness helps to have the person understand what is upsetting them.

The most satisfying thing about of my job is when I really help someone, even if it’s just a little little thing, like their nicer to their partner or they don’t kick their cat when they come home at night, just so that their aware of their impact on others and that they understand they deserve happiness. I’m really happy to see people change and really feel self acceptance and like who they are.”

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Margery offers psychodynamic therapy at Bank and Harley St. in London and Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire.

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