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Private Psychiatrists in London

Patients with some conditions can benefit from seeing a psychiatrist, who is a fully qualified medical doctor, with special expertise in diagnosing and treating mental illness. Whatever the presenting symptoms, a psychiatrist can assess a patient’s psychological state, identify and diagnose a psychiatric illness, and propose a treatment or set of treatments that might include medication. All of this is done with the goal of helping the person to get better and/or manage their condition so that they can get on with their lives and be happy and well.

It’s OK to be anxious about your first appointment

People are often very anxious at the thought of seeing and being treated by a psychiatrist. That’s understandable, but it’s important to understand that seeking treatment for a mental illness really isn’t any different than going to your GP for a physical illness. Mental illness can happen to anyone, from any sort of background, and psychiatrists are there to help.

Many patients refer themselves for psychiatric treatment, and others are referred by a GP or psychologist. If you think that you might need to see a psychiatrist but you’re not sure, you can get in touch with me, Dr. Rebecca Spelman, so that I can give you more information.

Your First Psychiatry Session

Your first session will be quite straightforward. Our London based psychiatrist, the Psychiatrist you see, will ask you about the issues in your life that have brought you to his office. He might also ask you a little about your general health and your background, as well as your emotional state at the moment. Depending on the issues you’re dealing with, he might suggest medication, a range of practical approaches to help you to manage the problem, psychological treatment, and techniques to prevent the issue getting out of hand – or all of the above! He can also provide a written psychiatric report for you if you need one.

Ongoing Treatment

Any treatment for a psychiatric or psychological illness can require a period of time, and some conditions will need to be managed long-term. Whatever your issue, you should feel free to ask any and all questions that come to mind – and Dr will make every effort to ensure that you are actively involved in your own treatment and in the management of your condition. It’s absolutely essential for you to be on board with your treatment plan, and respectful communication is key.

Online Treatment via Skype

Although our London based Psychiatrists are based in our Harley St. clinic they are happy to provide Skype or telephone therapy to you regardless of your location.

Child Psychiatry

If you are interested in your child seeing a Psychiatrist, you can find out about our child Psychiatry service here.


£260: Assessment 1 hour (Diagnosis, treatment & prescription)
£520: Assessment 2 hours (ADHD or where further testing is required) (Diagnosis, treatment & prescription)
£120: Letter/short report: £120 (not included in appointment fee)
£180: Follow up 30 mins

Medico Legal Reports
£900 – Large reports not for court purposes (university appeal cases) (fees may vary depending on your case)
£1800 – Medico Legal report for court purposes (fees may vary depending on your case)

Repeat prescriptions
£90 – Repeat prescription fee (when no appointment is required). To order your repeat prescription clinic here.

Contacting us 

If you would like to talk to someone about seeing one of London’s leading private psychiatrists call Private Therapy Clinic on 020 81507563 or book online by clicking below here.

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