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Friday, 18 Nov 2016

How to overcome a break up

By Private Therapy Clinic

Break Up

How to overcome a break up

When an important relationship ends, it can be the start of a very difficult time. Sometimes, things seem to get harder as the weeks and months pass, rather than easier, as we think they should. Life can be even more complicated when children are involved and we keep having to see our ex for practical reasons. Friends and loved ones often try to help, but sometimes their efforts cause more harm than good. Various techniques can help us to deal with and manage the pain of breaking up, but the most important step towards starting over is accepting that you are experiencing grief, and that is OK to grieve the end of your relationship and the loss of the future you imagined. Many people experiencing this emotional pain benefit from professional help, and there is a range of therapies available to support people as they recover from the end of an important relationship and learn how to overcome a break up.

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