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Thursday, 28 Dec 2017

7 tips for getting over the January blues

By Dr Becky Spelman

January bluesThe initial winter period is always an exciting time, with Christmas to plan and New Year’s Eve celebrations to look forward to. Yet when January finally rolls around it can seem a bit anti-climactic. The weather is still chilly, it’s dark in the evenings, and it can seem like events you’re looking forward to are way off in the future. Though when January blues set in, you don’t just have to sit around and wait for them to pass.

If you’re battling the blues now, we got some top tips to help you get back on track and enjoying life.

  • Get active – It might be temping to sit around watching the latest boxsets but getting your heart pumping is a sure-fire way to boost your mood. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym either, a quick 20-minute session in your own home is a great place to start.
  • Make time for relationships – After so much socialising in the run up to Christmas, your social life can hit a bit of a roadblock in January, especially if money’s tight. Make sure you continue to see loved ones throughout January.
  • Explore outdoors – Being cosy inside might seem like the perfect January activity but when the blues strike it’s time to get outdoors. A brisk walk and getting back to nature can give your mood an instant lift.
  • Establish a sleep pattern – Often after a hectic festive period, it’s easy for sleep patterns to get out of sync. But it can leave you feeling lethargic and tired even when you’re getting enough. Instead, try set keep regular sleeping times.
  • Try a new hobby – Don’t wait until summer is here to try something new – the beginning of the year is the ideal time to turn your hand at something different. Whether it’s a craft you’ve been thinking about developing for a while or a sport that’s caught your eye, give it a go.
  • Help others – Christmas might be the traditional season of giving but it could be just what you need to beat the January blues. Even small gestures of kindness can help brighten up your day.
  • Plan ahead – If you really hate the winter months, start planning ahead. Making decisions about what you’ll get up to in the summer when the sun is out is almost as good.

Who can I talk to about getting over the January blues?

Of course, feeling down as a new year starts can’t always be fixed with a few tips. When issues are complicated or you feel like you can’t pick yourself back up, there is the option to seek professional mental health support. At the Private Therapy Clinic, you can contact one of our therapists to discover the range of therapy options available for you to choose from to access the support you need.

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