Several of our Therapists that are seeing clients in person have now been vaccinated. In addition to offering in person appointments we are also seeing clients for online sessions via video call.

Corporate Wellbeing

Corporate wellbeing solutions making your business work better

We offer specialist people management tools that actually work. Enable your people to reach their maximum potential and in doing so, empower them to operate successfully as your greatest business asset.

Private Therapy Clinic provides high quality resources for your staff – to help them manage their teams, reduce conflict and solve people problems – that will make a clear difference to your bottom line.

Using our professional support services, the impact of employees’ personal and work-related problems on your workplace will be significantly reduced.

This means that your business will benefit from:

  • A motivated and productive workforce
  • Lower stress levels
  • Lower sickness and absenteeism
  • Improved recruitment and retention
  • Compliance with Health & Safety legislation and your ‘duty of care’

Private Therapy Clinic Corporate Wellbeing service offers:

  • Management support
  • Telephone counselling
  • Face-to-face counselling
  • Mediation and managing conflict
  • Critical incident support
  • Information and advice
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Sickness and absence management
  • Mindfulness based stress reduction
  • 24/7 Counselling helpline
  • Stress assessment
  • Alcohol assessment

Why sign up for an Corporate Wellbeing package

The UK Health and Safety Executive has stated that ‘Work-related stress, depression or anxiety is the leading cause of working days lost through work-related injury or ill health, with an estimated 12.5 million days a year lost in 2003/4.’

We can assisting in effectively resolving issues that may effect work performance.

A worth while investment for any employer.

A Private Therapy Clinic Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can help you do exactly that.

By working proactively with organisations to provide support to their workforce, our preventive and integrated approach to the emotional welfare of your employees is designed to maximise productivity.

We can provide you with whatever level of employee assistance is required. The services we can offered as part of our EAP packages are shown below:

  • Direct employee assistance
  • telephone counselling
  • face-to-face counselling
  • 24/7 crisis helpline
  • mediation and conflict management
  • critical incident support
  • information and advice
  • training courses
  • coaching for performance
  • Management support
  • bullying & harassment
  • grievance
  • sickness absence
  • disciplinary procedures
  • performance issues

Corporate wellbeing and the law

Your business needs to comply with UK employment law and to meet its ‘duty of care’ as an employer. Implementing a tailored Private Therapy Clinic Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) can help you achieve compliance, and reduce the risk of litigation.

What does your ‘duty of care’ entail?

In 1992, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations outlined an organisation’s ‘duty of care’ relating to the wellbeing of staff in the workplace. Under this legislation, stress is regarded as an occupational hazard that must be dealt with. The regulations indicate that employers are now accountable for assessing the nature and scale of both mental stresses and physical risks to health in the workplace.

Putting an EAP in place demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the mental wellbeing of your employees. It is also worth considering that the absence of any form of employee assistance programme or counselling may strengthen an applicant’s case in an employment tribunal or civil action, where an employer’s ‘duty of care’ is called into question.

Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

On 3 November 2004, the HSE launched new management standards and tools designed to help businesses and their employees manage the issue of work-related stress and minimise its impact on their organisation. This builds on the HSE’s recent guidance for managers on improving and maintaining employee health and wellbeing.

For a full explanation, description of the new standards and access to a wealth of useful material, visit the HSE website.

Bronze Silver Gold
4 sessions with a Counsellor 6 sessions with a Counsellor or Psychotherapist
24/7 telephone support with a counsellor
Unlimited sessions with a Senior Psychotherapist or Psychologist
24/7 telephone support with a counsellor
Monthly/Annual fees per employee Monthly/Annual fees per employee Monthly/Annual fees per employee
Contact us for details Contact us for details Contact us for details
Mental Health First Aid Crisis Responses Mediation service Co-Founder Therapy
Teaches people how to understand and help someone who is experencing a mental health issue particularly in the workplace. We can help with an sudden traumatic event in your workplace, whether it be a suicide, a serious injiury, a robbery or any distressing event. We help people communicate so that they can overcome a conflict. It’s like couples therapy for Co-founders, where we help them commiunicate better and resolve their difficulties.