Can Emotional Support Animals Help? | Private Therapy Clinic

Emotional Support Animals in London

For some people living with a disability or challenges within their lives, an emotional support animal or companion animal can help. These trained animals can help people with both physical and mental disabilities, providing much needed support in your daily life. Whether you’re simply looking for more information on emotional support animal or you want to explore the option as part of a wider treatment plan, the Private Therapy Clinic can help.

Through companionship and affection, emotional support animals can alleviate symptoms that you may be experiencing, impacting negatively on your life. Choosing to have an animal that provides you with emotional support can be a difficult decision to make, if you’re not sure if it’s a viable option for you and the symptoms you’re affected by, our professional team are on hand to help. Usually emotional support animals come in the form of dogs or cats but plenty of patients choose another animal that fits better into their lifestyle.

Emotional support animals can be used to provide treatment for a range of conditions, such as:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Stress
  • Fears and phobias

If you think you could benefit from an emotional support animal, our expert team of therapists can offer you professional advice that you know you can rely on. We can even offer you helpful insights into choosing your emotional support animal and a way forward to overcome the difficulties that you’re working through.

Emotional support animals can be registered, meaning that you’re able to take them into many public places where animals are not typically allowed. If, for instance, you struggle with anxiety and are nervous when you’re in public spaces, your emotional support dog can provide you with comfort and reassurance when you’re out shopping, walking, or doing other activities.

The extensive experience of our team also means we can create completely bespoke treatment solutions with you in mind. That means if you could benefit from an emotional support animal, we can also offer other forms of treatment alongside it, such as cognitive behavioural therapy. The result is a treatment plan that offers you daily support and provides you with the strategies you need to address and overcome the challenges you’re facing.

Who can I speak to further about emotional support animals?

For help with this issue speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic for a free chat. We are also able to provide you with an assessment and a letter that will outline your dog’s condition and will confirm that the dog is an emotional support animal. Assessments will last an hour and the letter you will receive will be a 1 page report that recommends adjustments which should be considered as a result of having an emotional support animal.