Several of our Therapists that are seeing clients in person have now been vaccinated. In addition to offering in person appointments we are also seeing clients for online sessions via video call.
by Dr. Becky Spelman on 27/07/2017

Therapy for Emotional difficulties

At times, everyone struggles emotionally but there are circumstances where professional support from a therapist is needed and can enhance your life. We know that it can be difficult to seek professional support for emotional problems but our approach can help you to achieve a brighter outlook on life.

Using a number of proven techniques, our reliable, caring therapists can help you overcome the struggles that you may be dealing with, providing you with effective coping mechanisms to create a more positive emotional state. Backed by years of experience, we’ve helped our patients beat a range of emotional difficulties, including anger, jealousy, borderline personality disorder, and self-harm.

Taking a highly personalised approach, we work with you to create a way forward that’s best for you, with every aspect being chosen with you in mind. This tailored way forward means that you’re able to get the most out of the treatment that’s delivered, targeting your personal concerns and challenges, and our professionals will work with you to adapt the techniques as you progress.

Our emotional difficulties treatment focuses on giving you the right tools and strategies to deal with the negative emotions that we all experience, putting you in control. As human’s we are all changed by dealing with negative emotions and we don’t always deal with out emotions to the best of our ability all of the time. The good news is it’s possible to practice strategies which can help you raise your emotional intelligence and deal with negative emotions better when they get trigged.

We can teach you effective strategies to help you deal with:

Anger Management


Borderline Personality Disorder

Self Harm

How can I book Therapy for Emotional difficulties?

If you would like to talk to someone about having therapy for Emotional difficulties in London, please get in touch with us at the Private Therapy Clinic by telephone at: +4402038820684 or book online.