Several of our Therapists that are seeing clients in person have now been vaccinated. In addition to offering in person appointments we are also seeing clients for online sessions via video call.
Elliott Gibbs

Elliott Gibbs

Psychotherapist in training

Qualifications :

BSc Psychology (Hons)

ACCREDITATION :British Psychological Society (BPS)


CLINICS AT :Harley St. & Skype.

FEES :£60 per session

Age Group :18+

Elliott Gibbs is a Psychotherapist in training and operates as a Psychological Counsellor at the clinic. He has experience working at multiple private practices as an Assistant Psychologist, Clinic Manager and now as a Psychotherapist in Training at Private Therapy Clinic. During this time, he has gained experience in working with clients who suffer from Depression, Anxiety as well as other Common Mental Disorders (CMDs). Elliott uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, meaning there is a focus on the present issues, addressing the ongoing symptoms. Cognitive thoughts can impact one’s emotional state which can consequently influence behavioural and physiological responses. Through this method, Elliott will aim to change the cycle of negative thoughts and subsequent physiological responses through discovery and by attempting to replace these with more positive thoughts patterns.


During the initial assessment, the client and therapist will get to know each other which the onus being on building a rapport and beginning the discussion around setting realistic goals. Education and Skills Throughout this stage, Elliott can address any concerns the client might have in regards to the therapeutic plan. Clients will reach stages at different speeds, however, during the process take away exercises may also be introduced, meaning the therapeutic process is not limited to the single session per week, but practiced in between also.

Elliott understands the importance of therapy and the impact a strong client-therapist relationship can have in leading to successful treatment, for this reason, he places a great emphasis on ensuring his clients feel comfortable during the sessions, putting them at ease wherever possible. He has a great deal of experience in face-to-face interactions and also by being the clinic’s Manager, has a great deal of exposure to client issues on a daily basis, further broadening his awareness and understanding of the difficulties that people face.


Elliott Gibbs is a Psychotherapist in training and since completing his Bachelors in Psychology and has gained much life-experience through professional work and volunteering within the field of mental health. He is on course to being accepted onto a doctorate programme either this year or in the following year, with the goal of becoming a Counselling Psychologist. Elliott will use skills learned during group supervision and Private Therapy Clinic’s internship programme to offer effective and specific treatment for a range of issues.


  • Anon

    Elliott is a very empathic Therapist, he’s warm friendly and puts a lot of thought in to the sessions.