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Dr Matthew Sawa

Dr Matthew Sawa

Consultant General Adult Psychiatrist

Qualifications :

MBChB, MRCPsych, MSc, CCT in General Adult Psychiatry and Rehabilitation Psychiatry

ACCREDITATION :General Medical Council, with licence to practice, member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists

CLINICS AT :1 Harley St.

FEES :£380 – 1 hour appointment (includes verbal feedback on diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription if required) - See more fees info listed below.

Age Group :18+
Older adults

HEALTH INSURANCE REGISTERED WITH :Bupa (fee assured) and Vitality Health care (fee assured)
Bupa Global

LANGUAGES :English and Arabic

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Dr Matthew Sawa Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Matthew Sawa trained in psychiatry in London, Merseyside, Norfolk and Kent. He currently works as a Consultant Psychiatrist in a busy Home Treatment Team in west London. Prior to that, he worked in a busy inpatient unit in Kent for seven years.

He was awarded, with distinction, Masters Degree in Health Care Education and Management, by Kingston University, London. Dr Sawa has extensive experience of in assessing and managing all major mental illness, such as all degrees of depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, PTSD, bipolar affective disorder, psychoses and dual diagnoses (co-existing drug/alcohol misuse and mental disorder).

Dr Sawa uses holistic, compassionate and thorough approach in assessing clients from wide range of backgrounds, including various regions of the UK, gained from his training in various parts of the UK. Dr Sawa has endorsement from the Royal College of Psychiatrist in Rehabilitation Psychiatry and aim is to re-integrate adults of working age back into their lives as soon as possible.

Dr Sawa uses evidence-based treatments, combing them with psycho-social and cultural approaches. Dr Sawa is passionate about the role of diet and healthy life style in preventing and managing mental disorders.


  • Anon

    Dr Sawa was very professional when i met him. I had very bad anxiety so he prescribed tablets but also suggested other ways of dealing with stress through lifestyle changes. I would recommend Private Therapy Clinic for quick appointments and genuine help. It’s worth the money.

  • Anon

    Prompt response, complete availability and flexibility. Very professional personnel and service.

  • Anon

    I saw Dr Sawa at the private therapy clinic for acute anxiety. I was seen on the day and received a very useful and comprehensive review. I was treated with dignity and respect and felt I was listened to at all times. I received some very useful tips on how to manage my anxiety and a short course of medication that helped me through and extremely difficult period. The communication from the admin team was first class. I would highly recommend the private therapy clinic in particular Dr Sawa Kind Regards Chris K

  • Anon

    I came to Dr Sawa to deal with anger management issues. This has been a long time problem for me. He was very accommodating and recommended Psychotherapy and medication. I was reluctant to take medication but I am glad I gave it a try. My situation improved significantly within 2 weeks and I am now doing Therapy to implement a long term result. Dr Sawa has been very helpful and I highly recommend him. Mental health is at least as important as physical health and people should not shy away from seeing a Psychiatrist. You don’t need to be mentally ill to benefit from it. Most people have some sort of disorder that is holding them back in life.

  • Anon

    My sessions with Dr. Matthew Sawa were integral in helping me understand what was going on and how I can feel better. And I wish I have taken this step sooner. Dr. M. Sawa really listened to me explaining and remembering what was going on and really considered it in details. My sessions helped me understand a more complex nature of what I was going through – and helped me consider different ways of how I could feel better now and on the long term. I wasn’t that keen on medication and Dr. M. Sawa was attentive to this and worked with me to find other ways of how I can recover. He also opened me up to considering how I can deal with more urgent situations and explained where I could receive support. This really worked for me and I am very grateful for his help, his recommendations and attentiveness. These sessions were extremely important for my recovery.

  • Anon

    Dr M Sawa is the first professional who has acknowledged my systems. I have on many occasions went to different practices and they always assumed I was fine because I had a good job and eventually got a good education. Dr Sawa seen past the job and education and seem the struggles, signs and symptoms I have being living with. Within an hour, of our consultation, I felt heard and got knowledge on how best to go forward. Dr Shaw will remain on the top of my list for support, help and advice from now on. I would recommend anyone struggling to see him. He is fantastic at what he does. Most importantly, will give answers or alternatives.

  • Anon

    I am very satisfied by my initial meeting with Dr. Matthew Sawa. In particular, what I am grateful for is his sympathetic and understanding demeanor to my issues and situation. Unlike my previous experiences with other Psychiatrists, he gave a wholistic approach giving a variety of suggestions and possible treatments to cover the breadth of my different, but related issues. I can see he is trying to get to the root cause as opposed to treating superficial symptoms. He was reassuring about life experiences I had that upset me. He respected my religious beliefs and was very professional. I am happy to recommend him to a friend or family. The Private Therapy Clinic has made an excellent recommendation for me in seeing him.

  • Anon

    Great service, polite staff and professional advice. I am particularly grateful for the extensive and friendly insight of Dr Sawa.

  • Anon

    I found Dr Sawa knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The appointment was beneficial. He is fantastic, it was very helpful for me during a difficult time.

  • Anon

    Dr Sawa has been a fantastic psychiatrist. Very helpful and the follow-up was great. Strongly recommend.

  • Anon

    After searches on the internet I came across ‘The private therapy clinic’ and decided to book an appointment online. I can say that finding the door might prove a bit difficult but after I got inside and calmed down my anxiety I could see how cosy the place is. The admin staff is very communicative and open, they will help you schedule appointment and payments (even if you can do it online yourself) and are very responsive. At the clinic everyone is making you feel welcomed, relaxed and open to discuss your issues. My Psychiatrist, Dr. Matthew Sawa, couldn’t be a better fit for myself and I’d like to thank him here again for all the help.