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Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017

Dr Becky Spelman discusses ADHD on Sky One

By Private Therapy Clinic


“What do you think of when you hear the term ADHD? Erm… I believe it’s people who have a lot of energy.

I have it myself, so a lot of teachers they wouldn’t they would say it’s hard to teach someone with ADHD because they can’t concentrate.

Basically is an attention seeking disorder where you can’t focus long at times or you can have a child way about you.

ADHD is a topic, which isn’t covered much. So we want to find out what people think they know about the disorder and have a look into some of the stigma surrounding it.

What do you think of when people describe having ADHD as suffering from ADHD?

Suffering for me is of something that is detrimental to your health or something that you are getting a lot of pain from. To me you have ADHD you live with it. The hardest thing for me is knowing that it’s the majority of the time it’s genetic. Dillan actually got his diagnosis before me. So Dillan was six when he had his official diagnosis. I noticed there was something with Dillan around the age of eighteen months. Without him I still wouldn’t have my diagnosis, I would still be struggling or not have answers to certain behaviours.

To get some expert knowledge on ADHD, I have come to speak to Dr Becky Spelman.

Becky tell me, what are some of the causes to ADHD?

Well we don’t really know what causes ADHD. But, some of the signs and symptoms are when people have difficulty paying attention, particularly when their not so interested in the topic. Some other things that people are affected by are hating mornings and being really sluggish in the morning and their brains are more switched on at night time. Also lateness. If anyone is sporting any of those signs I would say go for an assessment and get that official diagnosis and get a report that goes with it because you cant get some exceptions in academic environments, you can get some extra time in exams if you have that diagnosis.

And actually you know there are some really successful people who are living with ADHD and some of them have said that it’s because of their ADHD they have become so creative, they have been able to channel their energy in that field. Is that an accurate-?

Absolutely, people with ADHD have amazing minds; in fact sometimes they can be masterminds. The reason for that is because neural pathways in the brain get redirected, so if you have a deficit in a certain area such as attention your brain is going to find other ways to make that happen, and that allows people to be very creative.

I am about to meet a British judo champion who has a number of accolades under his belt including a world cup gold, a common wealth gold as well as a whole host of others, he also happens to have ADHD.

So Ashley, can you tell me about when you were diagnosed with ADHD?

I was diagnosed pretty young erm, I went to covent gardens to be diagnosed. Er I was in and out of school, my mother didn’t really know what was up with me. She thought I was a hyperactive kid on coca cola, but certainly wasn’t

You know, would you say that actually some of your success and you career has it been stifled or enabled by your experiences.

I defiantly, defiantly would say my ADHD has brought me, should I say to cameras or to programmes. Obviously The Bad Boy Olympian, the dreams, the Celebrity Big Brother. I wouldn’t have had that, I don’t think, without my ADHD, I wouldn’t have been the character I am I think, would I say.

If there is someone who is watching and perhaps their experience isn’t quite as positive as yours is, you know what advice you would give them?

Pick something you like and channel your energy into it. There is so many people out there you know what who’s got the exact same as us you know, Michael Felt is a prime example of someone who’s naturally got it.

Ashley you’ve inspired me, it’s so good to speak to you, thank you so much.”

Thank you very much, thank you.

Who can I speak to further about ADHD?

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