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Dr. Balu Pitchiah

Dr. Balu Pitchiah

GMC Registered Psychiatrist

Qualifications :

MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST, MBA (OXON), Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training - General Adult Psychiatry, Master of Business Administration ( University of Oxford)

Clinics at :1 Harley St., Skype sessions & phone consultations.

Fees : £260 – 1 hour appointment (includes verbal feedback on diagnosis, treatment plan and prescription if required) - See more fees info listed below.

Age Group :18+

Languages :Languages : English and Tamil

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Therapeutic Approaches

Dr Balu Pitchiah qualified as a Medical Doctor from the Prestigious Stanley Medical College in Chennai, India before completing his Basic Psychiatric Training in Sheffield. During his training in Sheffield, he was inspired by the works of Dr Steve Peters, a leading Mind Management expert and research at the Sheffield Cognition and Neuro-imaging laboratory. After completing his basic mental health training, Dr Balu decided to pursue a career in management and took up an assignment with the Priory Group. He was involved in setting up and management of an inpatient facility which focused on the rehabilitation and empowerment of people with severe and enduring mental health problems.

Dr Balu had the privilege of studying and working with some of the most accomplished entrepreneurial minds in Information technology, media,real estate,sports and business during his one year of full-time MBA at the University of Oxford. He developed an interest in Organisational behaviour and the impact of emotions on decision making in the financial services industry. He retains a keen interest in the field of neuro-economics and behavioural finance. During his work within the Investment management sector, he was able to help several professionals successfully overcome anxiety,anger,fear,procrastination,obsessional tendencies and addictions. He observed a clear positive change and emotional wellbeing in teams he was working with. Inspired by a senior banker, he decided to pursue his higher training in mental health, particularly focusing on mood disorders and Behavioural addictions (i.e technology,sex etc). Dr Balu gained invaluable experience working at the National OCD treatment service and the National Problem Gambling Service. He specialised in alcohol, drug addictions and eating disorders.

Dr Balu Pitchiah works as a NHS – Psychiatrist at South Kensington. He works closely with a multidisciplinary team which manages common mental disorders including anxiety disorders, depression, OCD,PTSD and Bipolar affective disorder under his expert supervision. He has expertise in working with high achievers and people with Type A personalities helping them achieve their full potential while minimising the impact of their emotional problems on their work and family life. Dr Balu routinely consults people with multiple co-morbidities and physical health problems including cancer. His treatment approach is holistic, tailored to individual needs working in collaboration with his clients who he believes are the experts in their own condition. In addition to prescribing medicines and recommending psychological treatment, he works with a wide range of professionals offering life coaching, ultrawellness treatment, Neurotherapy and magnetic treatment.

Dr Balu Pitchiah is committed to helping his clients achieve their full potential and enjoy a state of physical,emotional,sexual and spiritual wellness. His other interests include use of technology in improving access to health care, Integrated physical and mental health care and promotion of health and wellness.


£260: Assessment 1 hour (Diagnosis, treatment & prescription)
£520: Assessment 2 hours (ADHD or where further testing is required) (Diagnosis, treatment & prescription)
£120: Letter/short report: £120  (not included in appointment fee)
£180: Follow up 30 mins 

Medico Legal Reports 
£900 –  Large reports not for court purposes (university appeal cases) (fees may vary depending on your case)
£1800 – Medico Legal report for court purposes (fees may vary depending on your case)

Repeat prescriptions
£90 – Repeat prescription fee (when no appointment is required). To order your repeat prescription clinic here.


  • Anon

    I highly recommend The Private Therapy Clinic. I recently needed urgent support and on contacting the clinic, was put at ease immediately with their caring, supportive approach. My consultation with Dr Balu meant I could discuss my issues and have the chance to reflect on recent events and agree an approach to move forward. Thank you to everyone at The Private Therapy Clinic for supporting me at a difficult time.

  • Anon

    I literally don’t know what I’d do without Dr. Balu

  • Anon

    Never used private health services before so when i rang and got a choice to see someone following day i was quite surprised and service really different class to NHS. Great thanks was helpful start.

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