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Dr. Ana Chacin

Dr. Ana Chacin

Clinical Psychologist

Qualifications :

Clinical Psychology (Mental Clinic Specialist)

Accreditation :Health & Care Professionals Council (HCPC)
License/registration No. PYL36450

Clinics at :1 Harley St., Skype sessions & phone consultations.

Languages :Spanish, English

Fees :£160 for individual sessions, £200 via insurance £170 for couples/joint sessions (2 people or more present) £180 for family sessions (3 people or more present)

Age Group : 3 years old +

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Ana Chacin is an enthusiastic, skilled and experienced Clinical Psychologist from Caracas, Venezuela (South America) living in London, UK. Coming from a diverse background, she has trained abroad and has adapted to living in another country, which has widened her perspective about different cultures, languages and backgrounds. In addition to private practice she currently works from the NHS in one of the most ethnic diverse boroughs, Newham, which has allowed her to understand more about the psychosocial problems different communities face. She is fluent in English and Spanish, she has great organization and communication skills. Ana is skilled at running groups as well as conducting individual psychological therapy and assessments with children from the age of 3 to adults.

Ana has worked in the Clinical Psychology field for 8 continuously years.

She has a vast amount of experience in performing psychological assessments, such as cognitive, ADHD emotional difficulties using a range of tools from interview and observation to advanced psycho-diagnostic tools with children/young people and adults. Moreover, she has extensive experience providing psychotherapy and family support while treating various psychological issues in outpatient and inpatient consultation in private, public and educational settings. Ana is an integrative Psychologist, using elements from different frameworks including Psychodynamic therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Systemic approach.


Ana Chacin has experience performing psychological assessments, such as cognitive ability and emotional difficulties using a range of tools from interview and observation to advance psycho-diagnostic tools. Moreover, she has a vast amount of experience offering adult psychotherapy in diverse issues, such as: Depression, Anxiety, Bereavement, Bipolar Disorder, Personality Disorder, Suicidal ideation and Self-harm, Trauma, Change of situation (house, work, relationship), Divorce, among others. Ana spent one year assessing and providing psychological support to women and men in and inpatient unit, going through mental health issues such as Bipolar Disorder, Psychosis disorders, Depression disorders, Dementia, among others. Ana also has experience treating and assessing these issues in an outpatient setting in the public and private sector.

Children and Young people:

In addition to her experience with adults, Ana has experience in psychological assessments of cognitive ability, ADHD, ASD and emotional difficulties in children. She is able to support children and young people therapeutically with issues such as Anxiety, Phobias, Post-traumatic Disorder, Low mood and Depression, Self-harm, Low self-esteem, Bullying and peer difficulties, Trauma, Anger management, among others. Ana also works with Adaptive difficulties such as parent’s separation and divorce, bereavement, change of house, school or country.

Additionally, Ana has a passion for working with children and young people with complex needs such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Learning Disability (LD), Global Developmental Delay (GDD), Sensory processing difficulties and others. This work includes supporting their parents/carers, siblings and others members of the family. Thus, I have worked with children with complex needs from an educational perspective and mental health perspective, through being a part of a local Mental Health service, known as CAMHS (Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service) within the NHS. Working with this type of young people often means working jointly with the multi-disciplinary network, meaning family, school staff, and other clinicians such as Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, Psychiatrists, among others; which I am passionate for.

The initial Assesment:

For adults, Ana Chacin will start with an initial assessment of client’s difficulties, which includes goals for treatment using psychometric outcome measures. The assessment and goals would help guide the decision about what will be best psychological approach (Psychodynamic therapy, CBT, among others). For children and young people Ana will also start with an initial assessment of the young person’s difficulties, this includes an initial session with parents and the young person, and with the family’s consent, liaising with other agencies (e.g. school) if appropriate to complete the assessment. At the initial session Ana will go through the goals for treatment using psychometric outcome measures (this will also involve parents). Ana often finds that working with young people requires working with the entire system or network, so having some session with the family systemically can be extremely beneficial.


  • Anon

    I started therapy and I wasn’t sure I wanted help, but quickly I stopped hurting myself and feeling depressed. You helped me to be more motivated and to stop thinking negative things

  • Anon

    Ana you helped me understand my daughter’s behaviour (Autism and Learning Disability) and know I can have a relationship with her. I would not know the strategies I know now if it weren’t for you