Several of our Therapists that are seeing clients in person have now been vaccinated. In addition to offering in person appointments we are also seeing clients for online sessions via video call.
by Dr. Becky Spelman on 22/09/2020

Psychology Graduate Program

Our Internship program is for Psychology graduates wanting to apply to HCPC recognised Psychology Doctorates (or BABCP accredited CBT Courses)

Start date: October each year

Duration: 1 year

Number of places: 1-3 places per year

Time commitment required: 20 hours per week

Location: Working from home or our offices in Central London (depending on your preference).

Our internship is a highly sought after program where we receive a large number of applications from candidates wanting to gain valuable work experience in a private psychological therapy clinic. It is a mutually beneficial program where you will gain valuable experience while helping out with important tasks at the clinic. We appreciate that you might have some questions regarding what you would be doing as an intern at the clinic, therefore the following page contains information regarding what to expect if you are offered a place on our honorary internship program.

Success rate: We have a 100% success rate at getting individuals who complete our internship program on to a Postgraduate training program in the UK. Since our internship started we have helped 7 individuals get on to Doctorate programs in either Counselling Psychology or Clinical Psychology and 1 individual get on to a BABCP accredited CBT Postgraduate program.

Aim of the role

This internship role is designed as a stepping stone to a Doctoral Program in Psychology (leading to HCPC registration), a PGDip in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (leading to BABCP accreditation) or other relevant Postgraduate Postgraduate programs which lead to a UK accreditation as a Psychologist or Psychological Therapist. This role will allow you to gain training, experience and supervision in the two main therapy models – CBT & Psychodynamic therapy. You will gain face to face experience providing clients with psychological assessments and psychological therapy using evidenced based techniques and the gold standard protocol. This junior Therapist role will involve encouraging individuals who are interested in therapy to engage in the services we offer and helping them receive the very best service from the clinic. The role will involve guiding people to the right type of therapy and you will be provided with full training. You will interact with people who have anxiety, depression, eating disorders, addictions, relationship issues, low-self esteem and many more conditions.


  • Admin tasks including call answering and emails particularly in relation to helping guide people to the best type of therapy for them.
  • Providing face to face 15 minute screening assessments.
  • Providing therapy to 1- 3 clients per week* (starts after 6 months approx but might be sooner) on an unpaid basis to help you gain valuable experience (optional inline with your career objectives).
  • 1 x group clinical supervision training session per every two weeks carried out within a 1 hour break, we pay for the supervision but don’t pay for your time in attending this training. This will be CBT and Psychodynamic therapy teaching sessions run by two different therapists.
  • Any other tasks required.


  • CBT group supervision teaching sessions with BABCP & HCPC Accredited Therapists
  • Psychodynamic group supervision teaching sessions with BABCP & HCPC Accredited Therapists
  • Career advice for a HCPC Registered Psychologist
  • Self employed so some of your expenses may be tax deductible.
  • Flexible working (work from home, you can take as much time off as you wish, when you need to take days off you can arrange cover with someone who can do the same job, we can provide a list of appropriate people). If you wish to get additional experience at another service while working for us we place no restrictions on this and can try to rearrange your working hours accordingly to make this possible for you.
  • Profile on Private Therapy Clinic website
  • Therapist intro video produced for Private Therapy Clinic website
 whenever you feel ready for this (no pressure).
  • Access to affordable one to one Clinical supervisors when you start seeing one to one clients.

Administrative work

New Clients

As an intern you will receive training on how to speak with the numerous new clients that call and email in on a daily basis, through either our scheduled 15 minute free telephone consultations or ad hoc.

When clients call in you will be expected to present both a professional manner, representative of a private clinic, and a warm, comforting demeanour, representative of a therapeutic clinic. This duality is particularly important, as you will be the first contact for new enquiries, many of which will be coming from people that have mental health issues and are turning to us for help.

Your role over the phones can often be to offer empathy and sometimes just information about particular assessments or how the therapeutic process works. As such, you must exhibit exemplary listening skills.

Once you have gained an understanding of our systems, you will then be able to book clients in to see our senior Psychiatrists, Psychologists and Psychotherapists – your training and line manager will give you the confidence to know which is the correct practitioner.

Existing Clients

Speaking with existing clients can be a large proportion of the role. This can be assisting in administrative tasks, such as, changing appointment days/times, scheduling new appointments, handling general client queries and complaints, etc.

Clinical work

*Seeing Clients

Seeing clients is something that we take very seriously, with great care and consideration going into the decision of allowing an intern to do so. As such, it is not a guaranteed part of the role for all interns – this is judged on a case-by-case basis.

At the clinic we offer a low-cost therapy service provided by Psychological Counsellors, this assists us in our motto of never turning someone away for therapy. As an intern, provided you are registered or able to register with a professional body, you will have the opportunity of seeing clients face-to-face.


As a part of seeing clients, you will be required to see a supervisor individually who will assist you in your client interactions. You will be able to select your supervisor from our internal practitioner team, provided they agree.

We also offer group supervision whereby you can discuss your cases with your peers and with a senior member of the Therapists. Along with varying topics to better your knowledge in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other Psychotherapeutic approaches.

How we will ensure you get face to face client experience through this program: 

  • We will create a junior Therapist profile for you on the Private Therapy Clinic website and marketing your services to the highest possible standards;
  • You will join us as a junior Therapist as part of our affordable therapy team and we will send you clients who choose to book in to our Low cost service;
  • We will produce a great introduction video of you and add it to your profile on our website;
  • We will provide on the job training to be a highly effective Psychological practitioner and Junior Therapist (Therapist in training).

How to apply

In order to take your application to the next stage, we ask you to send through your CV and record a brief 2-5 minute self-filmed video.

What to include in the video

Introducing yourself:

  • Telling us a little bit about what you do
  • What is your experience so far
  • What are your strengths
  • What are your skills hobbies and interests
  • What are you good at
  • What is the future career that you are aspiring to;

We don’t mind about the picture quality of the video. The video is for recruitment purposes only and will be destroyed after recruitment and will not be shared anywhere. The video will determine whether you are invited to the next stage of interviews.

There can be a bit of a delay in between recruitment as we only have a limited number of interview slots available, therefore please be patient with our response as we will get back to successful candidates in due course.

We encourage interested candidates to check out our Podcast/Youtube channel where individuals are interviewed about their life stories. In these podcasts/videos you will see examples of how Psychologists tend to interview individuals in order to gain insight along with examples of active listening.

Teaching sessions included on the internship
Basis CBT
CBT for depression
CBT for panic disorder
CBT for health anxiety
CBT for social anxiety
Psychological assessment
Intro to psychodynamic therapy
Schema Focused Training
The therapeutic relationship
Managing endings with Clients
Psychological assessment practice
Core Belief
CBT for phobias
CBT for low self esteem
CTSR manual
Using EMDR
DBT and borderline personality disorder
working with addictions
working with anger
Candidate 1. presenting a topic of interest
Candidate 2. presenting a topic of interest
Candidate 3. presenting a topic of interest
Working with transference
Using role plays with clients and empty chair technique.
Motivational interviewing
Working with jealousy
Assertiveness training
Socratic questioning/guided discovery
Thought records – Covered.
Working with mild ASD
Transactional analysis
Cognitive analytic therapy (CAT)
Client role plays
DSM diagnosis
Working with ADHD
Couples Therapy

Please send internship applications to