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Viviana Meloni

Viviana Meloni

Qualifications :

Masters in Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Mental Health

Accreditation :HCPC Registration as a Practitioner Counselling Psychologist
Chartered Psychologist BPS, British Psychological Society

Languages :English

Viviana Meloni is a Chartered Psychologist BPS membership – Cpsychol, HCPC registered Practitioner Counselling Psychologist with a wide reach of experience working in a range of psychology and therapy (strong CBT, DBT, Schema Therapy and Psychodynamic).

She is a multiple language therapist (English, Italian and Spanish speaking) continuously training on new psychological methods and innovations in order to achieve excellent results. During her Master Degree in Italy Viviana won the Erasmus (International scholarship for best European Students) and after completing her Master Degree in Psychology in Italy she obtained her Masters in psycho-social rehabilitation in mental health in Spain receiving the highest grade which reflects only the highest standard of psychological knowledge and expertise. She worked around 10 years for the Department of Justice in Barcelona developing a great understanding of the importance about the spiritual and cultural traditions relevant to psychology.

In UK she worked both across a number of NHS Trusts and in the private sector, delivering mainly Integrative/Holistic approaches, DBT (AWARD “The ADBT Program for LD population was awarded with APT Award for Excellence in DBT, 2018 after being intensively trained by British Isles), Schema therapy (intensively trained in Schema Therapy Institute ), third wave CBT Therapy, CAT, Psychodynamic and PBS following NICE recommendations. Her strong background allows her to have a wider insight with regards to the most suitable approach applicable to each situation, taking into account strengths and weakness of each.

Viviana follows a strong ethical code essential to ensure the safety and well-being of her clients; her passion and strong motivation constantly drive her to realise your goal as her personal goal.

She is comfortable working with the majority of mental health (from mild to severe) and emotional issues. She has particular interest working with adult with anger management, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD, personality disorder, addiction and low self-esteem.

Viviana’s philosophy is metaphorically linked with the well known “Stone’s story”. The distracted person stumbled on it. The violent one used it as a bullet. The entrepreneur used it to build. The tired farmer instead as a chair. For children it is a toy. David killed Goliath and Michelangelo made it the most beautiful sculpture. In any case, the difference was not made by the stone, but by man. There is no stone on your path that you cannot exploit for your own growth.