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Infidelity therapy 

An infidelity within a relationship can have a devastating effect and leave both parties struggling with issues. Unresolved issues that stem from someone being unfaithful can cause further conflicts but it doesn’t have to mean giving up on a relationship. Our couples therapy blends a range of approaches to help each partner better understand their feelings, communicate with one another, and provide strategies for moving forward.

Following an infidelity, complicated emotions of guilt, anger, and despair are often common. Led by one of our leading couples therapy practitioners, we’ll start by undertaking an assessment, allowing the following sessions to be tailored to you and your partner. Using both a structured and systemic approach, couples therapy can have a positive impact on your relationship and how you feel about yourself.

Our couples therapy offers a dedicated, protected place to discuss the difficult subject of infidelity in a calm, productive way. With the guidance of our therapists, both you and your partner will learn better ways to communicate and approach issues, allowing you to take a step forward as a couple.

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