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What is Counselling and how is it different than other Private Therapy Clinic services?

Counselling at Private Therapy Clinic is provided by one of our Psychotherapeutic Counsellors. Psychotherapeutic Counsellors (UKCP/BACP Accredited) are counsellors who have trained to a UKCP recognised standard and are competent to practice to the highest standards of counselling.

What to expect when you see a Counsellor at Private Therapy Clinic

A UKCP/BACP qualified practitioner will have spent a minimum of one years training as a counsellor, their training will have included a supervised placement. All Psychotherapeutic counsellors at Private Therapy Clinic have a minimum of 5 years post accreditation experience.

All our counsellors have experience in treating addictions, eating disorders, difficulties with anger and relationship problems and much more.

What are a Counsellor’s specialist skills?

All counsellors have learned how to:

  • Assess a person’s difficulties
  • Listen to the client in a non-judgemental way,
  • Pay attention to the difficulties they are communicating
  • Accept and attempt to understand their feelings,
  • Help them fell safe and respected,
  • Help them develop their thinking regarding their difficulties,
  • Guide them to discover solutions,
  • Express understanding,
  • Helps feel supported in their difficulties,
  • Provide the best help possible.

Where will your appointment with the Counsellor be?

An unmarked office of your choice in a central location. The office will look similar to an office you would visit for a business meeting with an accountant, solicitor, financial advisor or other type of business professional. Therefore it will not be obvious that you are visiting a Psychiatrist office.

How do Private Therapy Clinic Counsellors work?

Our Counsellors will see you at one of our office. After carrying out an assessment they may recommend that you see them for a particular number of sessions based on your treatment goals. Occasionally they may feel that another professional is in a better position to help you with your treatment goal and they will discuss this with you.

How can I arrange to see a Private Therapy Clinic Counsellor?

You can call us on 020 81507563 to book an initial appointment or be referred by a GP or other professional.

What might a Counsellor ask me about at my assessment?

A psychiatrist will ask you about the difficulty that has brought you to see them. They may also ask about significant life events, your thoughts and feelings and what you would like to get out of therapy.

What might a Counsellor recommend?

They may recommend attending to see them for a number of sessions to help work through your difficulties. They may also feel that your difficulties may be better treated by a Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist or Psychological Wellbeing practitioner.

What can I ask the Counsellor about?

What to do in an emergency. Information about your difficulties treatment or recovery, this might include websites, books or leaflets

What not to expect from your Counsellor

Your counsellor will not carry out any physical Examination
 or prescribe medication. Any physical problems that need this should normally be dealt with by your GP. Counsellors should not argue with the client, disclose their own difficulties, solve the problem for the client, give direct advice, make little of the clients’ concern, avoid difficult topics.

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