Margery Parsons

Margery Parsons

Qualifications :

Diploma from The Centre for Training of Psychotherapy (CTP) in Toronto Canada.

Accreditation and Affiliations: :UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) Council for Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJA) Hallam Institute of Psychotherapy (HIP)

Clinics at :Harley Street, Bank, Lincolnshire (Woodhall Spa), Skype sessions & phone sessions

Fees :£120.00

Health Insurance Registered with :WPA, BUPA, CIGNA, Vitality Health, United Healthcare Global Expatriate

Margery Parsons focuses on long term therapy ranging anywhere from 12 to 16 sessions or more if the client feels the need for continuing introspective work. Long term therapy enables her clients to have a deeper understanding of their unconscious motivations.  This helps her clients understand their unconscious repetitive patterns which empowers them not to repeat destructive behaviours in relationships:   at work, with family members, friends and with their significant partners.   

Long term therapy enables people to reflect on their emotions before they react in their knee jerk familiar pattern that can get them into emotional trouble and into difficult situations.  Long term therapy takes time.  However, the results of deep reflection of unconscious motivations can lead to greater self-acceptance and self-esteem.  Clients are able to live more creative and productive lives.

Margery’s focus is Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic.  She works well with individuals who struggle with anxiety, stress and depression.   Margery uses dream analysis in her work to help aid clients with free association which helps them to find the answers to their troubles from within.   

Long term Psychodynamic therapy encourages exploration and discussion of the full range her client’s emotions.  In the session, Margery helps her clients describe and put words to feelings, including contradictory feelings, feelings that are troubling or threatening to them, and feelings that her clients may not initially be able to recognise or acknowledge.  There is also a recognition that the intellectual insight is not the same as emotional insight, which resonates at a deep level and leads to change.

Margery provides a safe and secure environment in the therapeutic setting for her clients as she facilitates them to accept their true inner thoughts and feelings.

Margery attained her Diploma in The Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy from The Centre for Training of Psychotherapy (CTP) in Toronto Canada in June 2005. The CTP Diploma is in recognition of through completion of personal psychotherapy, including group therapy, clinical supervision and academic study of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. The Academic Program at CTP focuses on theoretician and clinicians in the psychodynamic tradition as well as in the fields of psychiatry, psychology, and neurobiology.

Margery offers therapy at Bank and Harley St. in London and Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire.

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  • Anon

    Very helpful team, quick to respond and knowledgeable.

  • Anon

    I feel comfortable and at ease and think treatment is really helping.

  • Anon

    I approached the private therapy clinic as was in a critical situation due to sudden abandonment. My whole world came crashing down. I am working with an excellent therapist who is helping me deal with everything and very supportive. The staff at the clinic are very professional. Where as i had wait weeks for appointments private therapy give appointments quickly where others don’t. Also have the best therapists working there. I recommend.

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    recently have been involved in a major public transport accident, and I had my first consultation Margery, and I would recommend the her sessions .

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    My overall experience has been very good and helpful.

  • Anon

    For many years I had suffered from depression, anxiety and emotional regulation problems which had never really been properly understood or addressed by doctors and counsellors in the past. The Private Therapy Clinic was immediately able to diagnose my condition and straight away provide me with the right kind of therapy to move forward in my life.

  • Anon

    Although I had serious trepidation initially as I’ve never particularly been comfortable discussing anything personal with anyone, I was put at ease quite quickly and found it easy to open up. I think that by talking about things connected with my most recent difficulties and indeed about things that weren’t obviously connected, I was able to create an awareness about myself that will minimise any future recurrences .

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Very thorough and attentive

I have attended and been seen by Dr Lincht. The service I had was excellent, she was able to give me a quick call back when I requested, when I was still making inquiries and and after the appointment she made herself available to answer my concerns. I would definitely recommend your company to my friends and family. Regards Phumla

I've just started consultation with Vjosa Hyseni and my initial call and subsequent session with her have been quite insightful and helpful. Vjosa has an in depth knowledge of her field as well as very warm and calming persona which really helps when discussing very personal and sensitive issues. A very positive experience all round.

I found my therapy very interesting and informing. It helped me to acknowledge things I hadn't done before. I'm really glad that I went and believe it will help me in the future

Very helpful team, quick to respond and knowledgeable.