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Tuesday, 26 Jan 2016

January Newsletter

By Private Therapy Clinic

Our Newsletter – January 2016

The start of a new year is a great time to make a fresh start on almost anything. From relationships to your health or even your career, 2016 has the potential to be a great year for all of us.

An Update: Dr Becky Spelman
Twitter: @DrBeckySpelman

Dr Becky Spelman is looking forward to a busy year at the clinic and expects to be making some exciting media appearances, such as this one…

The Independent
A reflective piece about how Dr Becky began and developed her career
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The Huffington Post
2015 was the year of casual sex – but is it dangerous for your psychological health?
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The Huffington Post
Online daters be wary – dating sites attract psychopaths and love addicts
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Dr Spelman is currently working at a Brand spokesperson for Jet2holidays and will be discussing the topic of what makes people feel better at what is usually classed as the most depressing time of year, e.g. what ups our endorphins and helps lift the January blues – linking into holidays on radio stations around the country this month.

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This Month’s Featured Therapist:
Tara McCloskey
Eating Disorder Expert :: View Tara’s Profile: Here

Tara is highly specialised in working with eating disorders. She has been working with eating disorders for the last four years in an IAPT service and has more recently moved to a Specialist Eating disorders service in south west London.In this service Tara has been using CBT-E to work with a range of eating disorders including Anorexia, Bulimia, binge eating and other types of eating disorders which do not fit into these categories. Enhanced cognitive behavioural therapy is the latest version of the leading empirically supported treatment for eating disorders. This treatment is tailored to the needs of each client and can be adapted for adolescents also.

Tara has also been running a group looking at Compassionate Mind which has been suggested to work well with patients with eating disorders who are extremely self-critical and lack self-compassion.

CBT-E is an enhanced version of CBT which has been developed and tailored to be used across the full range of eating disorders.
Compassionate mind/compassionate focused therapy is an approach which has been developed to help people who struggle with issues around shame and self-esteem (which are issues that have been found to be common in individuals suffering from eating disorders)
The aims of CFT are to help people build a more compassionate and less critical way of being with themselves and also others. 

Whilst focus is on the eating disorder, Tara works with other presentations in order for the treatment to be successful such as depression, OCD, phobias, social anxiety, problems with alcohol and borderline personality disorder.

You can view Tara’s profile here: Tara McCloskey