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Sunday, 28 Feb 2016

February Newsletter

By Private Therapy Clinic

Our Newsletter – February 2016

There goes the first two warm-up months of a brand new year, now it’s time to actually start enforcing those resolutions on yourself! Careful though, Easter is just around the corner, and often means a few naughty chocolate treats.

An Update: Dr Becky Spelman
Twitter: @DrBeckySpelman

Dr Becky regularly features in media appearances. Here are some of the latest publications and media roles.

Huffington Post
Sexual fetishes can often be a taboo subject, but there’s a lot to be said for the psychology around the subject.
View Article

The Huffington Post
How to Spot Signs that Your Partner May be a Cheater
View ArticleThe Huffington Post
The Duchess of Cambridge Is Right – Young Minds Really Do Matter
View Article

L&Q Housing Association
Dr Becky is currently working on a campaign for shared ownership housing.

Don’t forget you can schedule a free initial telephone chat with Dr Becky or one of Psychological practitioners at Private Therapy Clinic if you feel you would like our advice or support.

You can book this initial chat by calling 020 8150 7563 or click below to book online.

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This Month’s Featured Therapy Approach
Schema Therapy
Schema therapy was originally developed for people living with personality disorders, chronic depression and other difficult situations. It combines aspects of cognitive and behaviour therapy with object relations and gestalt therapy and, sometimes, with mindfulness practice. Today, schema therapy is offered to patients with a wide range of issues.

Whereas cognitive behavioural therapy per se is based on learning ways to change how we react and behave, schema therapy has a stronger focus on understanding how our experiences in early childhood have led to the behavioural patterns that we display today.

Schema therapy is predicated on four primary concepts, all of which are explained on our website.

More information about Schema Therapy can be found here: Schema Therapy

An Update: The Private Therapy Clinic

Twitter: @Private_Therapy

Welcoming Dr John Moran
We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome our new Psychologist, Dr John Moran to the team. Dr Moran treats all kinds of difficulties and is particularly specialised in treating addictions.Look our for Dr Moran in our March newsletter, where he will be featured!

Are You Thinking About Starting Therapy?
If you’re thinking about starting therapy, feel free to book a call with one of our Psychological practitioners who will guide you in the right direction and advise on which approach may suit you best.They will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Email us to book in your free consultation: info@privatetherapyclinic.com

Online Booking System
As always you can check out therapists’ availability for initial appointments using our online booking system here: Access Our Online Booking System

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