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Sunday, 22 Apr 2018

Ever asked yourself “How can therapy help me?”

By Private Therapy Clinic

How can therapy help meWho is therapy for and how can therapy help me?

The short answer is that it is for anyone who needs it and it can help in many ways.

Gradually, the old stigma around mental and emotional ill-health and lack of well-being is being eroded, and today growing numbers understand and accept that many of us will go through at least one period of significant challenges to our mental well-being in the course of our lives.

Therapy is not just for people with serious mental illness—although it is essential for anyone in that situation—but for everyone who is going through a difficult period, or who are struggling to manage their relationship with the important people in their lives or to juggle the many commitments that they are dealing with.

Today, we have an increasingly sophisticated knowledge of how mental/emotional ill-health interacts with our physical condition, and of how vicious circles can be created, leading to escalating rates of both mental and physical lack of well-being. Knowledge is power, and this understanding leads to the acceptance of therapy as a vital element of any treatment programme designed to assist us in our journey through life.

Just some of the many situations that therapy can help with include the following:

  • Mental illness—people living with a mental illness such as bipolar disorder or chronic depression may benefit from treatment with medications, but they also need therapy to help them to understand their condition better and develop coping mechanisms to assist them in managing it more effectively.
  • Bereavement and grief—it is a sad fact of life that we will all lose loved ones. Living with grief can be a significant challenge to our well-being, and impact seriously on our emotional health. While grieving is a natural and healthy process, sometimes we benefit from help in moving through it, and emerging the other side.
  • Living with a partner with addiction or another mental illness—mental ill health can take a great toll not just on the person suffering from a debilitating condition, but also on the people who love them. Therapy can help partners and children of people living with mental illness to understand the condition better and to develop useful coping techniques to help minimise the impact of the illness on the family unit.
  • Dealing with memories of a difficult or abusive childhood—people who have grown up with abuse, mistreatment, or neglect often struggle to trust others, commit to relationships, or accurately interpret emotional cues in later life. With therapy and support, they can learn how their childhood experiences have impacted on them, and how to develop coping mechanisms that will enable them to move on in a healthy, productive way.
  • Managing challenging phases of our lives—adolescence, new parenthood, middle age, retirement, and getting older; every time we transition from one period of life to another, we confront both challenges and opportunities. Therapy can help us to negotiate these demanding times more easily.

This is just a short sampler of the situations that therapy can help with. To put it succinctly, therapy is for everyone at the point at which they need it!


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