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Saturday, 21 Oct 2017

Clinical Psychologist Dr Jodie Waterhouse Video

By Private Therapy Clinic

Dr. Jodie Waterhouse is an excellent Clinical Psychologist with vast amount of experiences. Dr. Jodie is a very active participant in treating her clients, she works both in and outside the therapy room. She works with all common mental health difficulties helping both adults and adolescents.

Transcription from clinical psychologist DR Jodie Waterhouse:

“My name is Jodie Waterhouse. I am a clinical psychologist working at Private Therapy Clinic. Over the years i’ve developed skills in a wide range of interventions and I like to use the metaphor of a toolbox and the idea that as a therapist I help my clients to develop a toolbox full of skills that they can then draw upon at later points in their lives and become their own therapists to help them manage the day to day stresses that we know life can bring.

When someone first comes to see me, I noticed that there can be a number of ways that that person might approach the therapy. Sometimes people come in really confidently, maybe they’ve had therapy before or maybe their friend has recommended or at least spoken to them about what therapy might look like.

But for most people, understandably it’s a new experience, it can be something that is quite anxiety provoking, but, I find that over time they soon realise that actually therapy is not something extra to worry about.

In the first session, we spend time kind of getting to know each other and there is space for any questions to be discussed. Anything you might want answering -I can provide information, that is a big part of what I am able to offer, especially in the early stages of therapy. And also we will think together about some goals for therapy, which will just give us that sense of direction and help you feel that we are moving forwards in our work together.

For me, the most satisfying part of being a psychologist is the fact that I have the privilege to work with such a wide range of person from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, different ages and I am really grateful to my clients because over the years they have really taught me loads about life and the parts of the world that I haven’t been to or haven’t have a change to experience yet. And I think aside from the actual face to face work with my clients, I get a really strong sense of satisfaction from knowing that the treatments that I offer have such a strong evidence base, and are actually really effective in helping people manage their difficulties and that in itself makes me feel really positive about what I do and how successful my work can be.

To me it is a completely normal human experience to have some difficulties in life and I think it’s really important that people talk about these, because I think it’s made so much harder when people feel alone with those difficulties, and it is something that is really common in our society today. For example, this year alone one in four people will experience some kind of mental health experience and I think the most important thing is that actually people do seek help for those difficulties. If we broke a bone we would go straight to hospital, and it’s really interesting that people don’t always do the same thing for something that’s more psychological.

My job as a psychologist is to help people in those times to really, well for some people, feel like that deserve help for that experience. Also to normalise the experience and say that actually this is just apart of being human and we might all have times when we might all feel this way.

I think that as a psychologist that I am a really creative psychologist and I like to think outside of the box and I like to think about how I can really apply my knowledge in quite unusual ways, because I think that makes the therapy more kind of personalised, but also more interesting for people as well and I suppose that I think my creativity has came from working in different settings over the last ten years in which i have really had to think outside of the box in order to help people really meet their goals and targets and how this might look in the therapy room is that you might find me to be quite an active participate in the therapy, we might view the therapy as team work and working together towards your shared goals. But, we also could go out of the therapy room and it might be that there are certain situations in which your difficulties are triggered or at their worst and we can go into those situations and really tests out what happens for you in those situations and maybe give you some coping strategies that could help and test them out in that moment.”

Who can I speak to further about clinical psychologist Dr Jodie Waterhouse?

If you’d like to speak to our team about Dr Jodie Waterhouse, please feel free to speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic who can discuss the matter further.