Canary Wharf Counselling
E14 Canary Wharf

We now have a branch of Private Therapy Clinic in Canary Wharf, the heart of London’s financial district! For the convenience of our patients, we offer a wide range of therapies at our premises in Canary Wharf, just as we do in our established Harley Street office. Whatever issues you are grappling with, we have the expertise to help—and now we can help you in a location that suits you!

We find that patients who work in the financial sector frequently benefit from therapeutic help with issues such as work-related stress. Research shows that many people working in the finance sector can experience substantially higher than average levels of stress, for reasons that relate to the frantic atmosphere in many workplaces in Canary Wharf, as well as the sense that they are constantly under pressure to perform to a high level. Exceptionally long hours, insufficient down-time, pressure from partners and children who may feel neglected at home, and a sense of competition can all contribute to feelings of stress that, if left unchecked, can have a serious negative impact on quality of life and, potentially, lead to a serious mental or emotional health crisis—or even suicidal ideation.

Therapeutic Counselling for those in the Financial Sector

Our long experience of offering therapy has shown us that many people employed in finance benefit from a therapeutic approach to their problems with excessive stress and to early intervention with the issues that are threatening to derail their personal and professional lives. Thankfully, all of the issues outlined above can be ameliorated with the right approach. It is always a good idea to address issues affecting mental health before they get out of hand, and before they start to also impact on loved ones at home, on future career progression, or both.

Another issue that can benefit from a therapeutic approach is that of conflicts at work. All relationships have the potential for conflict, and professional relationships are no exception. When a toxic relationship is allowed to develop between colleagues, the impact can be dramatic for everyone involved. Mediation and therapy with one or both parties to the conflict can reduce or even eliminate tension and restore a harmonious sense of balance to a working relationship, with tangible benefits for everyone involved, in the form of reduced stress and better outcomes at work.

Of course, anyone working in the financial sector can also suffer from the sort of problems with relationships, anxiety management, eating disorders, depression, and more that can impact on anyone. Nobody is immune from any of these issues—but everyone can be helped!

Our aim is to relieve the psychological burden of our clients in the financial sector not just by providing professional help, but also by doing so near their place of work in Canary Wharf, so that they do not have to factor additional travel into their day on top of everything else that they have to deal with.

Private Therapy Clinic offers a wide range of therapeutic approaches with highly trained professionals who have ample experience in assisting their patients to understand their mental and emotional health problems and working with them to devise active ways in which to deal with them and move forward positively. Please browse our website for full details of the range of therapeutic approaches we offer, and for more information about our staff.

Remember—the first step towards better emotional and mental health is reaching out for the support you need. Knowing when you need some extra help is a sign of strength. Whatever your issue may be, we can help!

How can I book an appointment the Canary Wharf branch?

If you would like to talk to someone about private therapy at our Canary Wharf branch, please get in touch with us at the Private Therapy Clinic by telephone at: +4402038820684 or book online. We can also treat anyone via phone or Skype.