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Friday, 01 Sep 2017

4 everyday steps to take to boost self-esteem

By Private Therapy Clinic

boost self-esteemLow self-esteem is a relatively common problem but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be taken seriously. Affecting many different people for a variety of reasons, low self-esteem negatively influences other aspects of your life, limiting the joy and fulfillment you should be experiencing. Stemming from many different areas, it can be difficult to pinpoint why you’re experiencing low self-esteem but it’s an issue that can be addressed by learning to boost self-esteem in a positive way to turn things around.

To boost self-esteem is typically a gradual process that involves changing how you view yourself and your life. While it should be viewed as a journey and seeking the professional advice of a therapist can help, there are some steps you can build into your everyday life to make positive changes now.

  1. Change how you think about yourself – We’re often our own biggest critic but how we think about ourselves has a direct impact on self-esteem. It might be easier said than done but stopping negative thought patterns can improve confidence, outlook, and many other areas. Cognitive behaviour therapy can help with this aspect, providing you with methods to combat the inner critic and take a more positive view and stopping negative patterns from occurring.
  2. Get out and about – Don’t underestimate the power of exercise when it comes to getting a self-esteem boost. Research has shown that there’s a correlation between mental health and working up a sweat. Don’t worry if fitness isn’t your thing though you don’t have to take up powerlifting or marathon running to see the benefits. Simply getting outdoors and exploring beautiful areas on foot or bike is a step in the right direction.
  3. Note the things you appreciate – When you’re surrounded by things you feel you dislike, it can be easy to miss the positive things happening. Taking the time to step back and look at the things you appreciate every day can help put things into perspective. Some people find that writing down what they are thankful for or have enjoyed each day a useful exercise that delivers a self-esteem boost.
  4. Avoid comparisons – It’s easy to compare yourself to other people and view yourself negatively as a result, especially when you factor in social media. But it’s important to note that no two situations are the same and often you’re making comparison based on only part of the story. Getting out of the frame of mind where you’re making comparison can boost self-esteem.

Who can I speak to further about how to boost self-esteem?

For help with boosting your self-esteem speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic.

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