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Monday, 17 Jun 2019

Be more Mindful—not more Mind Full!

By Private Therapy Clinic

An Introductory Lecture on Mindfulness by Dr Alexandra Chrysagi of the Private Therapy Clinic

Most of us are familiar with the word “mindfulness”, but few really know what it means, let alone how we can apply mindfulness to our daily lives.

In today’s world, many of us experience a huge amount of stress. Juggling our working lives with our family duties, and the need to integrate some down-time, can mean that our minds are on overdrive all the time. Inevitably, this means that we engage in many of our daily activities without truly thinking about or experiencing what we are doing. In some ways, this can be helpful in the short term, because it means that we can multi-task effectively. In other ways, it can be very damaging, as we are rarely fully aware and engaged with anything, and we often do not give ourselves the time we need to slow things down and live in the moment. However, mindfulness is not a simple relaxation exercise. In fact, it is actually the exact opposite of relaxation, because when we are mindful, we do not empty our minds, but rather apply ourselves to experiencing the moment, in all its manifold details, more completely than ever.

Be more Mindful—not more Mind Full! is a one-hour lecture on mindfulness and its applications in our daily lives by Principal Counselling Psychologist Dr Alexandra Chrysagi that will introduce you to the concept of mindfulness, clearly define it, and introduce some techniques that you can use anywhere to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. You will find that, with mindfulness as part of your self-care routine, you will become better at working smarter, rather than just working harder, and you will become more effective at managing your own stress levels, with positive repercussions for all aspects of your life. You will become more adept at avoiding the instant judgement of situations and people and better able to assess them rationally. You will find it easier to experience and process difficult emotions and disappointments. You may also find that you are better able to manage physical symptoms and illnesses that are related to stress, because exercising mindfulness allows you to make room for pain or discomfort, which can reduce the intensity of the sensation.

Engaging in mindfulness is about learning how to stop doing things without thinking about or experiencing them fully, and instead acquiring the skills you need to slow down and truly pay attention so that you can make more informed, more useful decisions. Alexandra will talk you through the knowledge and skills you need to make mindfulness an integrated part of your life, and she will provide you with useful online and published resources that you can explore in your own time.

Be more Mindful—not more Mind Full! is not just a lecture, but an interactive learning process during which you will learn real, meaningful skills that you will be able to practice and hone on your own. Building on the information and techniques you have learned from Alexandra, as you practice mindfulness, your skills will steadily become exponentially better, and you will start to see meaningful positive change across all areas of your life.

If you would like to attend this lecture, please email, call +4402038820684 or book online to register your interest and reserve a place.

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