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Saturday, 30 Jan 2021

Is a Dyslexia Assessment beneficial?

By Dr Becky Spelman

Have you considered a Dyslexia Assessment?

Dyslexia impacts on the ability to read and write and is a common condition that can have serious implications for educational and career prospects. However, there are many approaches that can mitigate against its effects, and dyslexia sufferers have the legal right to special help in a range of circumstances via a dyslexia assessment.

The first step towards managing this is a dyslexia assessment, and the Private Therapy Clinic can provide cost-effective assessments in person or even via Skype or Facetime, resulting in a detailed report that can be used in representations to institutions such as schools or universities. With the right support, anyone with dyslexia can achieve their best.

To learn more about this topic, please read about our dyslexia assessments.

Who can I speak to further about a Dyslexia Assessment?

For help with making an appointment for an assessment for Dyslexia please speak to one of our therapists here at Private Therapy Clinic for a free consultation.

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