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Why balanced diets are the only ones that work long term

By Private Therapy Clinic

Open any magazine or check any of your social media accounts and you’re likely to be bombarded with news of a new diet. It seems that every week celebrities are adopting a different plan when it comes to food and completely changing their diet in pursuit of weight loss and the perfect body. While most of us are aware that they don’t work, we have all been led astray by crash and fad diets when we are trying to lose weight. They promise to be easy, adaptable and give long-lasting results, but sadly this is almost never the case. They say everything in moderation is the way to go, and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to dieting. Read on to find out why a balanced diet is the only way to go when you’re trying to achieve long-term weight loss.

It’s more realistic in terms of treats

Often, a lot of the diet plans you see gaining popularity are overly restrictive when it comes to typical treat foods. These foods may not be factored into the diet plan at all or will be advised to eat extremely rarely. This isn’t realistic when it comes to how we eat daily. We need to eat foods that we enjoy and make us happy. A balanced diet will ensure that you are still allowing yourself to eat treats in a healthy, moderated way. Being overly restrictive can also be counter-productive in terms of weight loss. If you don’t allow your self treats, you may feel really deprived, which can lead to binging and consequently gaining more weight.

They are easier to factor into your routine

Fad diets will often come with a long list of weird foods and ways of eating. Some may encourage having meals at different times, while others encourage fasting days where you eat nothing at all or consume very few calories. When you have kids and a fulltime job, this just isn’t realistic. Not eating properly is going to make it harder for you to fulfil the tasks you need to during your day, whereas a balanced diet is going to give you the energy you need to function normally.

They are healthier and will keep you happy

We know that things like red meat and sugar aren’t good for us if we consume too much, but some fad diets are more focused on weight loss as opposed to overall health. The Atkins diet for example encourages people to eat a lot of red meat and be restrictive with carbs. While this might be good for your waistline, it could impact negatively on other aspects of your health. It’s also important to realise that a balanced diet that includes a lot of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats is the most way to be truly happy. It means you can still go out for meals with friends and enjoy celebrations while continuing to lose weight in a steady, attainable way.

Who do I speak to further about a balanced diet?

If you need help establishing a balanced diet to follow you can speak to a Private Therapy Clinic therapist for a free initial chat by booking online here.

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