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Tuesday, 29 Aug 2017

What impact does porn addiction have on relationships?

By Private Therapy Clinic

The impact of porn addiction on relationships

Easy access to the internet means that people are watching porn younger and more frequently than ever before. While for most people it doesn’t impact on their daily lives and can even be a healthy activity for a relationship, porn addiction can have hugely negative effects for individuals and couples and it’s a growing problem.

Porn addiction

Porn addiction can be addressed and often it stems from difficulty managing emotions. Therapy can help combat both the root cause of porn addiction and the impact it could be having on a relationship. Every relationship is different but a porn addiction is likely to place it under stress for a variety of reasons.

Objectifying – Some porn can objectify those in them viewing them as objects, most commonly women. If this transfers into real life it can mean that those with porn addiction focus solely on their own pleasure rather than the other person. Without mutual respect, a relationship is unlikely to last and can often result in the other person feeling negative.

Unrealistic standards – Porn typically portrays fantasy and it’s led to many picking up unrealistic standards. For the partner involved it can mean that they feel as though they’re obliged to compete with unrealistic images and expectations or feel as though they’re being pushed into something that they’re not comfortable with. Unrealistic standards can lead to an unfulfilling relationship for both parties.

Affecting trust – Trust is a core part of any relationship and porn addiction can significantly impact that. While watching porn itself may not have a negative effect on a relationship, addiction can mean one person hiding things from a partner, lying, or failing to put them first. Once affected, trust can be very difficult to regain and build back up.

Sexual performance – Some people that are addicted to porn have found that it negatively affects their sexual performance, even leading to erectile dysfunction in some cases. Research indicates that porn can mean that brains can become conditioned to the novelty and intensity of porn so that real world situations become less stimulating. Sex is an important part of a relationship and how someone performs can affect the self-esteem and confidence on both people in the relationship.

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