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Wednesday, 13 Jul 2016

What Is 'Tapping' and Can It Cure All Of Your Pain?

By Private Therapy Clinic

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Dr Becky Spelman’s Psychologist comments in Vice magazine about EFT. Click here to read the full article. 

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11 Jul 2016

Can I buy a Shared Ownership property with a friend?

Advice from the expert. Psychologist Rebecca Spelman gives tips and guidance on how to buy and live together without putting your friendship at risk.....

07 Jul 2016

Depression is Seriously Easy to Treat – Advice from our Psychiatrist

By Consultant Psychiatrist Dr Sameer Sarkar If you are reading this, you are likely to be experiencing some symptoms commonly associated with depression, or know someone who is. You could be the parent of a teenager, a young adult, spouse, employer, colleague or just a friend. You have concerns about some of the behavior someone is exhibiting. Or you could be worried about how you are feeling lately and the impact it is having on you and those around you. You think something is not right, ye....

01 Jul 2016

How to break the vicious cycle of social anxiety

How to break the vicious cycle of social anxiety - unhelpful thoughts, physical symptoms & behaviours. In this video we discuss what keep social anxiety going and how to practicing a technique which helps break the cycle and counter the effects of social anxiety....